Resin Factory Flooring Solutions for a Functional and Durable Floor Finish

We are one of the leading resin flooring contractors in the UK. We will deliver an accurate quote, efficient installation and long-lasting resin floor. We have over 30 years of experience and will provide exceptional service during your installation.

We will install your new resin factory flooring quickly and efficiently using only the best quality materials. You can enjoy resin factory flooring solutions suitable for a range of budgets and needs. Our durable and hard-wearing resin factory flooring is a long-lasting and highly functional floor that is perfect for many types of commercial and industrial settings.

We are industry-leading experts in designing and installing a wide variety of concrete and resin floors and always aim to provide truly excellent levels of service. To get started on your new resin flooring project make sure that you get in touch with us for a quote. We can then start on your resin factory flooring installation project.

What Makes a Good Floor for a Factory or Commercial Setting?

The ideal floor for a factory or other commercial and industrial settings is one that assists the people who work within it, as well as having an attractive-looking design. Resin flooring has many qualities that make it the perfect option for factories and other working environments or other commercial operations. 

Ideal working environments for resin flooring include the following:

  • factories
  • warehouses
  • automotive centres and garages
  • shops and areas of high-foot traffic

Some of the benefits of resin factory flooring, as opposed to other types of concrete flooring that we provide, include the following:

  • Anti-slip: Smooth flooring can increase the likelihood of accidents in the workplace, but resin flooring will give your factory flooring anti-slip functionality. This helps reduce the chances of any accidents during periods of heavy and intense use. 
  • Paintable: Commercial floor finishing can benefit from a paintable design, and resin flooring is highly paintable without reducing any functionality. This will give you a bit more leeway and flexibility when marking out areas of the floor for certain types of use or painting paths for vehicle traffic.
  • Anti-static: If your factory makes use of electronic devices then the anti-static qualities of resin flooring can be very attractive as they reduce the chance of static discharge that may damage or interfere with any equipment.
  • Easy-to-clean: Resin flooring is wipe-cleanable and can help with hygiene in a factory. Cleaning staff can use machines to wash the floor without causing any damage and it will make for a smooth and easy cleaning experience when using regular hand cleaning tools too.
  • Hard-wearing: The resin factory flooring that we install is always hard-wearing and long-lasting. You will get a durable floor that can withstand even heavy vehicle and foot traffic with ease, and that will continue to provide a hard-wearing surface for many years.
  • Chemical-resistance: Industrial resin flooring gives you the option for chemical-resistance, as it is non-absorbent and will resist the corrosion of various chemicals effectively. Chemical resistance is great if you are dealing with harsh chemicals in your factory or commercial garage setting.
  • Low-maintenance: The resin factory flooring that we use will give you a low-maintenance floor. Not only will you have a quick and efficient installation, but the care the floor requires is very simple and the finish will resist any kind of damage.

Our talented and enthusiastic team of installers and professional designers will install your floor quickly and efficiently. You will have an extremely fast turnaround time and you can enjoy the use of effective factory flooring with a low amount of disruption to your daily operation.

Our service promise and quality commitments

At Concrete Flooring Solutions, we are confident that we will exceed your expectations when you use our service. We aim to install all of our floors quickly and efficiently with genuinely outstanding finishes and long-lasting results. We promise to deliver professionalism and excellence throughout your installation and during every interaction you have with us.

Our team has extensive experience with over 30 years of successful flooring projects behind us. 

We have a full commitment to CSCS and continue to attain 100% compliance via our NVQ assessment. Supervisors have the appropriate training to a minimum of SSSTS with plant operator training and assessment following accepted CPCS and ACIFC standards.

Your new flooring project will reflect the views of the many happy customers that we have. Our customers are very satisfied with the quality of their flooring systems and the professional services that we provide.

Resin Factory Flooring for Functional Design in Commercial Settings

The installations that we provide will come in on budget, on time and take into account any design and finishing considerations that you may have. All floors will withstand intense use and come with a swift installation.

We are fully accredited and licenced with a wide variety of industry-leading bodies that demand the best practices when it comes to safety and regulations and training.

To get your resin factory flooring installation on the way you can contact us for more information and get a quote for your new resin floor. One of our friendly and professional team members will be happy to help.