Concrete Floor Designs

When it comes to our concrete designs, nothing is neglected and no corners are cut. We believe in ensuring that our concrete floors live up to our customer’s high expectations.

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Why Choose Concrete Flooring Solutions?

Concrete Flooring Solutions are able to offer design solutions for both ground bearing slabs and ground slabs (both those that use traditional wire mesh and fibre reinforcement). Fibre solutions can be either fiber mesh, steel fibre only or a combination of both products. All our designs are tailor-made for our customers, meaning each design is individually assessed to meet your needs.

All our designs are in accordance with The Concrete Society’s Technical Report 34 which has become the industry standard for concrete industrial ground floors. If you’d like to know more about this, please do not hesitate to contact of our friendly members of staff through our contact page.

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The Design of Flat Slab Floors

Flat slabs design is appropriate for most floor situations and is also suitable for irregular column layouts, curved floor shapes, ramps etc. The benefits of choosing flat slabs include:

  • A minimum depth solution
  • Speed of construction
  • Flexibility in the plan layout (both in terms of the shape and column layout)
  • A flat soffit (clean finishes and freedom of layout of services)
  • Scope and space for the use of flying forms

The flexibility of flat slab construction can lead to high economy and yet allow the architect great freedom of form.

The Worker Applies Gray Epoxy Resin To The New Floor

Concrete Flooring Textures

Depending on the type of concrete flooring you want to be designed, it may be possible to apply textures to your concrete flooring.

The surface of your concrete floor can be made smoother or rougher during installation. If the installation is rushed, it’s likely the finish will not be as smooth as it should. There are also a wide variety of textural elements that can be worked into the floor’s surface after it has been installed. For more information of this, contact us here.

Textured concrete is most popular in bathrooms and other environments where slippage may occur. It’s also seen as a decorative element, so if you’re looking to give a room a creative finish, then this might be something to consider.

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