Industrial Resin Flooring

We efficiently install commercial and Industrial resin flooring and apply epoxy flooring to specifically cater to the needs of our industrial clients. We can provide a low-cost installation, and speedy service. We will work with you to provide long-lasting flooring systems that will fit within your budget.

Specialist heavy-duty industrial resin flooring contractors

We efficiently install commercial and Industrial resin flooring and apply epoxy flooring to specifically cater to the needs of our industrial clients. We can provide a low-cost installation, and speedy service. We will work with you to provide long-lasting flooring systems that will fit within your budget.

Industrial resin flooring is desirable in a wide range of industrial settings because of its relatively low cost and the functionality it adds. Commercial resin flooring needs to be able to withstand heavy foot traffic or vehicle use, and epoxy flooring is very durable. We can also install industrial resin flooring that is anti-slip or chemically resistant, depending on your needs. Various colours and finishes are also available.

We are expert contractors and specialists in working with industrial and commercial clients, so we understand your need for a low-cost, fast and long-lasting installation that ticks all the design and functionality boxes. Contact us today for a free quote

How our industrial flooring experts deliver effective resin flooring solutions

We supply the same level of service throughout our industrial flooring services. However, if you require industrial flooring in many cases our resin flooring services are the most suitable choice. It can be difficult to balance cost, speed of installation and the functionality you require. Epoxy flooring is helpful in this regard as it is a low-cost material, has a swift installation process, and is highly functional for commercial and industrial settings.

Epoxy flooring for your industrial resin flooring installation is particularly useful for certain industrial settings. Areas that receive a high level of impact, significant foot traffic and heavy vehicle use can benefit from epoxy flooring. The following settings are ideal for resin flooring.

  • Warehouses: A warehouse can benefit from epoxy flooring as it provides a smooth surface for forklifts and utility trucks. The impact resistance of epoxy flooring also makes dealing with large weights of goods, stock and equipment easier. Discover more about our solutions for warehouses here.
  • Shops: Larger shops such as convenience stores and markets can benefit from the hard-wearing durability that epoxy flooring delivers. Industrial resin flooring will be able to withstand consistent foot traffic for a very long time. Epoxy flooring is also easy-clean in the event of spillages.
  • Schools: Classrooms in schools, universities or other educational establishments receive consistent footfall but may also require safe and easy to clean surfaces. Epoxy resin flooring is an ideal material with this quality and will provide a simple cleaning experience.
  • Surgeries: Hospitals, doctors surgeries and clinics will all require a sanitised atmosphere and epoxy flooring is ideal for a low-cost flooring solution with this in mind. Your epoxy resin flooring will feature chemical resistant qualities that mean it can withstand even the harshest substances and products. The same is of course true for pharmaceutical clean rooms.
  • Garages: Car parks and industrial garages or car repair centres will benefit from industrial resin flooring that can withstand volatile and potentially corrosive materials such as fuel and oil. Epoxy flooring is an industrial resin flooring system that does not absorb any substances, while also being easily cleanable.

Anti-slip and anti-static qualities also make the epoxy-based flooring solutions that we provide beneficial for health and safety. With workplace injuries in industrials settings slightly more common than in other types workplaces, there is a great reduction in risk for any kind of commercial accident or unplanned event.

You can add finishes to your industrial resin flooring installation to match the design or branding considerations in your operation. Sections of the floor can feature line-markings to delineate areas of the floor that are for certain uses, which can be helpful in garages to separate parking or work areas. Your floor can also include a polished finish for a bright and reflective appearance.

Whatever customisations you opt for, you will receive a beautifully seamless looking commercial resin flooring system that pairs well with all the everyday requirements of an industrial setting. You will enjoy these benefits at a low cost and with fast installation, and the results will last and withstand consistent use.

Your industrial resin flooring installation

When we work together on your industrial resin flooring installation we will extensively plan costs and provide an accurate time frame for your project. The beginning of the process will involve preparing your surface for the resin flooring to be poured on top of it.

During the preparation of your floor, we will provide effective contractors who are fully trained and use the best equipment. Our team will assess the state of your current floor and clean it thoroughly for an even and level appearance that is structurally sound after installing.

In some cases, we will carry out diamond grinding or shot blasting to create a smooth even surface that is perfectly ready for the epoxy resin. Shot blasting fires material at the existing floor and smooths out any bumps. Diamond grinding also smooths the floor but uses a special grinding machine to do so.

After preparation, we will pour the various coats and layers of epoxy resin and allow it to cure before applying any finishes. Layers include a primer coat, which will prevent any issues with moisture. Another layer is the resin coat, which is the main epoxy material for the floor. A final sealant layer completes your new floor.

Industrial resin flooring specialists

You understandably want to fit within your budget, and this can be tricky with more extensive industrial flooring requirements. However, our efficient and proactive team will work with you to provide industrial resin flooring solutions that fit within your financial constraints.

Epoxy flooring makes a great industrial flooring choice because it is highly functional and provides an attractive looking design. Epoxy resin flooring is available at a lower cost to other types of flooring material. You will receive fast and professional service from industrial flooring specialists and your floor will last a long time.

As leaders in our trade, we rely on the benefit of over 30 years of experience and are attuned to the needs of our industrial and commercial resin flooring clients. Your floor will exceed your expectations and our levels of service are of an impeccably high standard. Contact us to get a free quote on your industrial resin flooring project today.