interior of empty garage with concrete flooring

Concrete for Garage Floors

When looking for new flooring, it is important to pick the material which suits your type of property best. If you are looking for something for your home or office, an aesthetically pleasing finish may be the end result you have in mind. If you are buying flooring for a commercial or industrial environment, such as a factory, retail store or repair shop, a floor designed with sturdiness and easy maintenance will more than likely suit all your needs. These latter features are why concrete remains the most popular choice of surfacing when it comes to choosing a new floor for your garage and car repair business.

Concrete flooring will be the most appropriate surface for your garage for a number of reasons:

  • Durability ‒ because of the way concrete is created, it is one of the most durable and hard-wearing materials available on the market.
  • Levelling ‒ through precise laying techniques, a concrete floor can provide an exceptionally flat surface that allows you to carry out work safely.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance ‒ as concrete is designed for longevity and to be level, it is also one of the easiest floor materials to clean and maintain.

If you would like to know more about what a concrete floor can offer for your garage, contact Concrete Flooring Solutions today. Our staff are ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have. 

We are proud to offer a variety of concrete flooring options across many different business sectors. The options which will most suit and benefit a garage and car repair shop are detailed below:

interior of empty garage with concrete flooring

Industrial Garage Concrete Floors

Our high quality, industrial concrete flooring is created with exceptional resilience in mind, making it ideal for businesses that will see heavy foot and vehicle traffic on a regular basis. By choosing to use an industrial cement or concrete garage floor installed by us, you will be ensuring that your floors can withstand the use they will get every day. You will also be making sure they are level, meaning they will be free of unnoticed declines or rises which could present hazards.

An industrial floor must be laid correctly if it is to perform its function well. As such, any installation should always be carried out by a team of professionals. Contact us today if you feel that an industrial floor is a correct surface for your garage and we can discuss your requirements with you.

concrete industrial flooring

Commercial Garage Concrete Floors

If you are looking for a concrete floor which also offers an easily cleaned surface for your garage, you may wish to consider having a commercial concrete floor installed. The most popular type of concrete we lay for properties in this sector is polished concrete, which is just as strong and capable of withstanding foot traffic as the standard variety but also offers a smooth finish which will remain easy to clean and not gather dust.

If you would like to learn more about the concrete garage floor finishes we offer, get in touch with us. Our staff will be able to help you make the best decision for your new garage floor.

Cleaning and Maintaining Concrete Garage Floors

With a flat, smooth surface that holds its durability, you will find that any concrete garage floor construction you have carried out will also prove easy to clean and maintain. As there are no joints, pores or grout lines in properly laid concrete slabs, there are no places where dirt, grease and oil can become trapped. This makes spills and stains easier to wipe off surfaces and means that your floors will be resilient against water, stains and abrasions if they are sealed correctly. 

In order to help maintain your standard concrete garage floor slabs, you should clean up stains quickly and efficiently by using degreasers, a stiff brush and a microbial cleaner. This will prevent the stains from absorbing into the concrete, making them harder to remove. You can also use a p-H neutral cleaner and water, for more thorough deep cleans. However, this method should only be used occasionally.

If your concrete base is polished, it should be damp mopped on regular occasions with a p-H neutral cleaner. No buffing is required with this method. If you feel as though your floor could use something to regain its shine, use a standard concrete buffer to restore it. If this does not work, using a fine-grit abrasive will work as a buffer as well.

For more information about how you can keep your concrete floors clean and in good working order, get in touch with us. We can help you work out how to keep your new floor in the best possible condition.

Concrete Garage Floor Costs

The price of any purchase will depend on your concrete garage floor’s specifications. The cost of our installed floors is calculated per square metre, so your garage’s size will have an impact on how much you will pay.

To learn more about our costs, call us or get in contact through our form today. One of our team members can discuss what you need, and help you to make a choice that will suit your budget.

Safety with Concrete Garage Floors

All of our products are created and installed in line with the guidelines set by the Concrete Society’s Technical Report 34. This is widely regarded as the industry standard, ensuring that we are performing to the highest levels we can and keeping our products safe for your use. Safety in an environment such as a garage or repair shop is paramount, so we aim to help your business maintain it.

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