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Concrete Floor Construction

Our four decades of experience speaks for itself, our team are able to provide concrete flooring finishes that can last a lifetime. Each project is approached and completed in accordance with the customer’s demands and requirements. Using the latest technology, we’re able to lay concrete to the highest flatness tolerance, regardless of the current condition of the flooring.

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    Industrial Flooring

    Concrete Floor Construction Finishes

    CFS provides and installs a number of concrete floors across several industrial and residential areas. From warehouses and multi-storey car parks to homes and universities, our team are able to tackle any project.

    Laying concrete is an incredibly labour-intensive task, and should only be performed by experienced contractors with access to the necessary tools and technology. Concrete laid by those with less experience may be subject to cracking, surface dusting and general unevenness – all of which can be very costly to rectify.

    Concrete flooring construction needs to be laid by experienced professionals, and our team can guarantee exceptional results every time.

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    Our Concrete Construction Process

    Customer communication is a very important component when it comes to designing and laying concrete flooring. There are rarely second chances when it comes to the laying process, so ensuring the customer’s needs and specifications are met is extremely important.

    Each industrial flooring project that we receive goes through a rigorous planning process to ensure your requirements are met. We are able to pour single area slabs of up to 2,500m2 and lay them to the highest flatness tolerance.

    Our many years of experience, qualified staff and the latest technology allow our customer to trust that we will complete their project to the highest standard.

    High Quality Guaranteed Concrete Construction

    Incorrectly laid concrete flooring can be very costly to repair, which is why getting it right the first time is essential. Common flaws found in poorly poured concrete flooring include:

    • Surface dusting
    • Premature wear (durability)
    • Base slab concrete (cracks in the floor)

    Surface issues are arguably the most common problem associated with concrete flooring. CFS minimises the risk of surface issues by using premised powers. The powers help provide far greater abrasion resistance, allowing for a smooth, flat surface.

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    Our Concrete Flooring Finishes

    Concrete flooring finishes help add individuality to your property. Two of our most popular options can be found below:

    Brush Finishes

    Brush finishes are usually found in car parks and areas which require non-slip surfaces. Brush finishes help with grip and tackling icy surfaces. The process involves pulling a wire concrete brush across the surface of freshly laid concrete. If you’re looking to lay concrete flooring in an industrial area, you may want to consider opting for a brushed finish.

    Dust Topping

    Another common and appropriate finisher for industrial areas. Dust topping is applied just before the power-float process begins. You can also add a hint of colour to this finish. The process is a simple one that uses a spreader to apply the dust and then a power-float vehicle to complete the finer details.

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