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Resin flooring is a great way to buy a seamless looking floor suitable for indoor and outdoor use. A resin floor can work in a domestic or commercial setting, and we will install them for you by pouring epoxy-based resins on top of a concrete floor underneath.

Resin Floors for Indoor, Outdoor or Commercial Flooring

There are several pros and cons of resin flooring. On balance it is a distinctive looking floor with more advantages than disadvantages. These include being relatively cheap flooring, and there is a large selection of resin floor types available. The resin finish may be the ideal choice for your project.

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Why Choose Concrete Flooring Solutions?

Only last year we completely transformed Southampton’s Solent University with our exceptional commercial concrete flooring.

We like to keep things simple and keep our clients informed and updated on their projects. We find ways to minimise waste and maximise our work ethic, all for the betterment of our customers and staff. Throughout the project, our team will always be on-hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

All our designs are in accordance with The Concrete Society’s Technical Report 34 which has become the industry standard for concrete industrial ground floors.

Concrete flooring
Concrete flooring
Concrete flooring

Why Choose a Resin Floor?

You are probably wondering how to decide on a finish for your floor, and it can be annoying to find the right one. However, resin floors offer many benefits that make them a fresh choice for both domestic or commercial flooring. A resin floor has a distinctive level feel, and our epoxy-based resin shines under light.

The use of resin gives your floor many desirable qualities. It is a firm, durable finish, provides a simple cleaning experience and features chemical resistance in case of spills. It is also very hard-wearing and will last. It resists damage and weather, and the pouring process is fast and straightforward.

There are many resin coatings to choose from, so you can tailor the floor to your taste. The resin floor types we install for our clients have many other advantages. Some of the perks of buying a resin floor with us include the following:

  • Low cost: Resin coating is relatively cheap, but still provides a very compelling, seamless look. It is easy to buy a resin coating that also lasts a long time. As the epoxy-based resin flooring we use is very sturdy and does not damage easily, there is also little need for maintenance or repair.
  • Swift installation: You will want speedy and professional service and not wait a long time, and this is something we provide with all of our designs. A resin floor takes less time to complete than many other types of flooring, so it is a quicker option with less hassle during installation.
  • Versatility: A resin floor is a finish to your concrete surface that is suitable for many settings. It is useful for indoor flooring, but it also looks great as outdoor flooring and will resist the weather. As commercial flooring, you will also have a material that can withstand heavy use, including in retail settings.

The concrete flooring and finishing services we will give you are all very high quality and benefit from many years of experience in the trade. Our knowledgeable team can install a top-class resin product with a rapid curing time, so your floor will be ready as fast as possible.

We are happy to provide an initial quote for our clients. This estimate will be accurate and take into account every aspect of your design. With our long-established background, we can give you a precise and reasonable quote no matter what type of services you require.

The resin flooring designs we offer use responsibly-sourced coatings, with many resin floor types being water-based. We use the best materials and also offer you an industry-leading approach to health and safety throughout your installation.

Buy Your Resin Flooring With Us – Installations Across the UK

We will install your resin floor and provide you with the best services throughout the UK. Make sure you contact us for a quote, and we will get your design project underway.

Resin flooring provides a seamless bright look and comes in a variety of customisation options. The versatility of resin floor coating works as an ideal indoor flooring, outdoor flooring or commercial flooring solution. Click the link to read more about our poured resin flooring.

Our fresh approach and professional-grade services mean that you will get the best result for your floor. The attitude we take to design and installation leaves us with many happy clients. Get a quote and start your project today.