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Residential & Domestic Concrete Flooring

We are a team of surveyors, designers and craftsmen with over four decades of experience in the concrete flooring industry. We use the latest technology to ensure our residential flooring achieves the highest flatness tolerance possible. Our technology and skill place us at the forefront of concrete flooring and help us lay residential flooring that can last a lifetime.

Residential Concrete Services

Each residential concrete flooring job is performed by our experienced concrete contractor. Incorrectly laying concrete can not only be hard to rectify but it may cost a small fortune to fix. Our team have four decades of experience, meaning we can swiftly and safely lay residential concrete to the highest flatness tolerance. This ensures no cracks, fissures or premature wear take place.

Our concrete flooring has the ability to transform your residential and domestic area at a reasonable and affordable cost.

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Residential Concrete Floors in the Home

At CFS, we have many different concrete flooring options to choose from. From plain concrete and coloured concrete to ground and exposed aggregate concrete, our vast range is sure to include a flooring solution to fit your needs.

For residential properties, the most popular concrete flooring choice seems to be polished. It’s not only an aesthetically-pleasing flooring option, it’s also incredibly durable. Polished concrete in residential properties has the potential to last a lifetime.

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Understanding Residential Concrete

Here at CFS, we have a range of concrete floor finishes at our disposal. It is entirely up to you as to what type of concrete finish you want for your property. If you’re unsure, or you’d like to be instructed further regarding your residential concrete flooring, our team are happy to advise.

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We like to think our approach is simple and easy. So, if you have any questions, or would like a quote on your commercial property, why not give our team a quick call? We can offer concrete solutions to any client within the UK – so call today or reach us through our contact form to see what we can offer you.


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