Specialist Car Park Resin Flooring Contractors

Concrete Flooring Solutions, we expertly and efficiently install high-quality car park resin flooring, catering to the exact needs of our clients whenever we’re needed. Our service offers you a swift, low-cost installation carried out by experienced contractors, with a durable, long-lasting floor that’s completely suited to its purpose as a result.

  • Fast installation
  • Flooring for all industrial spaces
  • Immaculate finish options
  • Durable and sustainable
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Skilled Resin Flooring Contractors

We pride ourselves on our abilities as skilled contractors and specialists in providing resin flooring, and we completely understand your need for a fast installation carried out at a budget-friendly price. We also know that you need your installation to perform to the highest of standards for many years to come, and we are more than certain that we can provide flooring that ticks these boxes.

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The Main Benefits of Car Park Resin Flooring

Each of our industrial flooring services is given the same levels of care and attention, but in many cases our resin flooring will be the most suitable surface material for your work project. This is because it can offer you the hard-wearing, easily maintained flooring needed for car park refurbishments and consequent foot and vehicle traffic, while remaining low-cost and cost-effective.

Epoxy resin is also highly waterproof, so your flooring will always be protected, whether you are working on a basement car park or a deck at the top of a multi-storey car park that will always be open to a variety of weather conditions. As epoxy resin offers high levels of slip resistance and is anti-static, you may also rest assured that your flooring is designed to benefit health and safety.

The material also has a fast installation process and can be painted over to add finishes such as line markings, or polished for an aesthetically pleasing appearance. As such, you will be able to open your car park again as soon as possible, and it will be fully fit for purpose.

No matter which customisation options you select, you will receive a smooth, imperishable floor that is perfectly suited to the needs of any covered or exposed car park. You will also find your new flooring to be cost-effective, as the long-lasting design means it should only require basic cleaning and maintenance, and will not need replacing for many years to come.

Your Car Park Resin Flooring Installation

To begin your car park resin flooring installation we will work closely with you to plan out all costs, before providing you with an accurate time frame for the project. The start of the process will then involve preparing the car park surface for the resin to be poured on top.

Our highly skilled team of contractors will use the most effective and efficient equipment to undertake the work. They will assess the state of your current car park deck flooring, before cleaning it so that the end result will always be a level, even finish. It will also remain structurally sound after the installation is complete.

For some certain cases, we will also carry out diamond grinding or shot blasting, which creates a smooth surface that’s ideal for an epoxy resin layer on top. This is because shot blasting fires material at the existing floor, smoothing out any bumps or uneven patches. Diamond grinding achieves the same effect, but uses a particular grinding machine to do so.

After this, we will pour the epoxy resin surface layers and allow them to cure before applying finishes. The layers we will pour usually include a primer coat, which removes any problems with moisture and will ensure it remains waterproof. The next layer will be the resin coat, which is the epoxy material itself. This is then followed by the final sealant layer, which will complete all your car park deck coatings.

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Our team will calculate the cost of any resin flooring you need, so that the solution provided always stays affordable for you. Epoxy flooring installed by our team is the durable, functional surface your car park needs, at a lower cost than other types of flooring material. It also provides a clean, aesthetically pleasing flooring for any covered or exposed deck. With our service, you’ll also be guaranteed fast, professional work carried out by specialist contractors.

In the 30 years we’ve spent in this industry, we consistently aim to offer impeccably high standards of service. In return, we are confident that you’ll receive flooring that exceeds your expectations.

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