Poured Resin Flooring Contractors

We are leading suppliers of poured resin floor installations and offer you a professional and friendly service, in addition to first-class materials and quality workmanship. It is possible to install a poured resin floor within a range of budgets, just talk to us and we can work with you. Contact us today for a fast quote.

High Quality Poured Resin Floors with Quick Installation in the UK

Your new poured resin floor will produce considerable advantages for your space. The benefits of a poured resin floor are available for you at a low cost per square metre, due to the affordable price of the material. Our installation team will provide a fast turnaround time for your poured resin floor, which also helps reduce costs, and will provide long-lasting results.

A poured resin floor has many benefits, largely in terms of its functionality. Many commercial and industrial settings can benefit from a poured resin floor because it magnifies their ability to carry out their daily operations productively.

Construction worker spreading resin flooring

Taking advantage of the functionality of poured resin floors

There are many benefits to the floors we install throughout all of our services. However, a poured resin floor has some distinct advantages that make it extremely desirable for commercial and industrial settings.

The advantages of the functionality of a poured resin floor include the following:

  • Anti-slip and skid resistance: A workplace injury or accident can be a disaster for your stock and workforce. A poured resin floor will offer you an anti-slip surface to help reduce the chances of any danger.
  • Chemical resistance: Using epoxy-based resin gives you a chemically-resistant surface, perfect for industrial settings where potentially harmful substances are in use.
    Easy to clean: A poured resin floor will give you a smooth surface that does not absorb any liquid. It is easily cleanable and even the harshest cleaning products will not affect the surface.

These key benefits make poured resin an ideal solution for many commercial settings and other places. You can also enjoy the same functionality for floors in a domestic environment.

The operations that a poured resin floor is most suitable for include the following:

  • Medical settings: Surgeries, clinics and hospitals require easy to clean and hygienic surfaces. As poured resin provides a non-absorbent and dust-free finish, it is ideal for many medical settings.
  • Automotive and engineering environments: Spillages of oil and other substances and the use of heavy machinery mean automotive and engineering settings require sturdy flooring that withstands wear, which epoxy resin does nicely. As a result, this material is an ideal choice for factories, garages, and manufacturers of all kinds.
  • Science and educational establishments: Whether it’s a chemistry classroom, a biological lab or simply a hallway all types of educational establishments will value the enduring qualities of a poured resin floor.

Another sector that these floors will help is the catering industry, as commercial kitchen floors must withstand a lot of use over time and be hygienic.

We have had the opportunity to work with a range of clients over our 30 years of experience. This makes us one of the most versatile suppliers of poured resin floors in the UK.

poured resin flooring with two contractors working

The poured resin installation process and costs

Your installation will begin with the preparation of the surface. The preparation process will include extensive cleaning. In some cases, a floor will require shot blasting or diamond mining to make it level and suitable for the resin. Shot blasting hits the surface with an abrasive material to smooth it and diamond grinding does the same using a special grinding machine.

After this, your floor is ready for the poured resin. We will apply the layers properly for a long-lasting finish. You will have a primer, the main epoxy layer and a sealant for your installation and this will prevent any issues of moisture affecting the floor. When we pour your resin floor we will also conduct a finishing process to complete the design. Depending on your installation this may include things like polishing.

We appreciate that you want an idea of the costs involved in your poured resin floor installation. However, without details on your project, we cannot provide an accurate price range at this stage. Epoxy-resin is relatively cheap, so the cost per square metre will not be very high in comparison to other materials. The size of the area you are flooring and the finishes you opt for will all affect the price.

Low-cost, fast and long-lasting poured resin floor suppliers in the UK

We are blessed with a fabulously knowledgeable team that can work within a variety of budgets. Our experts will provide a first-class, friendly service and guide you through each stage of installation with confidence and care.

Your poured resin floor will benefit from the features of epoxy-resin and enhance the space where you install it by adding extensive functionality, which is perfect for many industrial and commercial settings.

No matter what project you are undertaking, you will get a fast and efficient installation suitable to your budget. You can get a quick and accurate quote, simply contact us today. One of our helpful team will be happy to assist you further.