Pharmaceutical Clean Room Flooring

At Concrete Flooring Solutions, we are fully prepared to offer our clients professionally installed epoxy resin for their pharmaceutical clean room flooring. The end result will be a durable, easily-maintained and chemically resistant floor that guarantees peace of mind in cleanroom environments.

  • Fast installation
  • Flooring for all pharmaceutical-based spaces
  • Immaculate finish options
  • Durable and sustainable
  • Constructionline Gold Member

How We Deliver Solutions for Pharmaceutical Clean Room Flooring

For pharmaceutical floor coatings, our epoxy resin floor coating provides the best cleanroom suitability. This is because it offers the durability and impact resistance needed to withstand high levels of foot traffic and any moving equipment.

Epoxy resin floorings are also chemically resistant and waterproof, meaning that any spills will be easy to clean, while limiting the possibility of danger in the workplace. As the material is anti-slip and anti-static, this should also reduce the risk of an accident taking place. Regular cleaning is the only maintenance new floor coatings should need for many years to come, making the material cost-effective as well.

We will be able to provide you with the quick installation you need to have any clean room up ready for use in a short amount of time. Whichever of our customisation options you choose, you can be sure that you will receive an easily-maintained surface made from durable, cleanroom suitable materials.

Your Pharmaceutical Clean Room Flooring Installation

To begin work on your clean room flooring installation, we first calculate the cost of the job. We will also set out an accurate time frame for everything that will need to be done. After this, our team will prepare the pharmacy or lab’s current floor surface, so that the epoxy material can be poured on top.

Our contractors will complete the work using the most effective and efficient tools and equipment. They will also assess any current floor coatings or surfaces before beginning the installation, cleaning these off so that the final layers will provide a smooth, level and structurally sound flooring.

We may also carry out diamond grinding or shot blasting for some work projects. These processes are both ideal for creating smooth, level surfaces that perfectly suit epoxy floor coatings. For shot blasting, this is done by firing material at the existing surface, wearing down any bumps or uneven patches. Diamond grinding also does this, but uses a specific grinding machine to achieve it.

After this, we will pour in the surface layers and let them cure before applying any finishes. These layers will normally include a primer coat, which prevents moisture from becoming trapped in the flooring and keeps it waterproof. The layer after this will be the epoxy material itself. The final layer will always be a sealant, which completes your floor to all set requirements and specifications.

For All Clean Room Flooring Requirements

We understand that you will have a budget planned for the work you wish to have carried out, and that keeping to this will be first and foremost in your mind. To help make this happen, our team will be on hand. We will work as closely with you as we can to plan everything you need into your budget, so that the services provided will always match the price you’re willing to pay.

With our epoxy resin flooring installed in your building or renovation work, you will be guaranteed the hard-wearing, easily-cleaned and chemically-resistant floor surface you need to keep any pharmaceutical facility safe. It will even be offered to you at a lower price than another type of flooring with similar features. The work will also be carried out by skilled contractors, so your installation will be swift and properly performed.

With over 30 years of experience in this industry and with great expertise in industrial resin flooring, Concrete Flooring Solutions can offer you the impeccably high standards you need for your cleanroom surfaces. We take the needs of our clients into account, no matter what is required from us, so you will always receive the exact flooring you need to complete your project.

Contact us and we can start discussing specifications for your pharmaceutical flooring project right away.