Suspended Concrete Floor Services Designed with You in Mind

A suspended concrete floor is a sturdy surface with a void underneath the structure, meaning the concrete floor does not sit directly on the ground. This is beneficial for a number of reasons, the most significant being that the void allows for air flow underneath the floor to ventilate it and prevent common problems like moul and dry rot. If you want quality, choose Concrete Flooring Solutions.

How are Suspended Concrete Floors Made?

Suspended concrete floors can be constructed in one of three ways:

  • As a complete piece of reinforced in-situ concrete
  • As a floor consisting of precast concrete slab units that are overlaid by an in-situ concrete layer to form precast concrete units.
  • As a floor consisting of reinforced or prestressed precast concrete units, usually spanning in one direction.

Buildings come in many shapes and sizes and, as such, there are a number of unique combinations that can be created. When opting for suspended concrete floors in your space, the resulting floors can be installed in a way that makes them look unique to other floor styles you have seen. That’s why we are proud to remain flexible to your needs, planning your floor plan with you thoroughly and discussing your requirements with you throughout the construction process.

The worker applies gray epoxy resin to the new floor

Our Concrete Floor Finishes

Here at Concrete Flooring Solutions, we are proud to offer a range of flooring solutions to suit a variety of customers. So, whatever aesthetic you are looking to achieve, we can provide the right finish for you. Two of our most popular concrete floor finishes are below:

Brush Finishes: our brushed finished concrete flooring can be applied in all areas that require non-slip surfaces, such as high traffic public areas. We create a brushed finish by pulling a wire concrete brush across the surface of the freshly laid concrete.

Dust Topping: another common and popular finish for concrete floors is a dust topping. Otherwise known as premised powders, dust toppings are popular choices for concrete floors because of their ability to provide greater abrasion resistance.

What’s more, dust toppings on concrete floors even allow a range of colour choices (where permitted). This is something you can discuss with us further. To apply a dust topping, a spreader is used, before the floor is finished with a power-float vehicle.

Construction worker levelling a reinforced concrete floor

Construction Efforts Professionally Monitored

As with any construction project, the goal for our team is always to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers. That’s why we are proud to install all of our flooring systems meet building regulations and the following high standards:

  • Concrete reinforcement must be placed and maintained in the proper location so that reinforced concrete floors are strong and durable.
  • Concrete mix design, strength, and slump must conform to exact specifications
  • Finished concrete floors must meet the specified tolerances for levelness and flatness
  • All our floors are designed in accordance with The Concrete Society’s Technical Report 34 which is the industry standard for concrete industrial ground floors.

Why You Should Choose Concrete Flooring Solutions

With over 30 years’ experience in the concrete flooring industry, we know what it takes to install floors that are made to last. We are dedicated to delivering high standards of excellence in all aspects of our business, insisting on quality, hard work, and exceptional standards at all times. We believe it is our drive to work hard that has led us to success in such a competitive industry.

  • Over 40 years’ industry experience
  • 100% accredited
  • Competitive ratesConstructionline Gold Member
  • Lifelong results
  • Solid floors that are made to last

At Concrete Flooring Solutions, we take phrases like “we stand out from the crowd”, “we do things differently”, and “you won’t find another company like us” and change them from buzzwords into concrete ways of doing business. When you choose us as your concrete flooring supplier, you know you’re getting a service that really does what it says on the tin. We don’t mess around. If you want great service at affordable prices, call us today.

Concrete Flooring Solutions and Sustainability

At Concrete Flooring Solutions, we are proud to use sustainable systems and practices in our business. As a team of passionate workers, we are always working to implement new and better approaches to deliver on our client projects. In recent years, our customers have become much more attuned to sustainability and many people now solely request products and services that are sustainable.

So, in order to keep up with the demands of our customers, we have been finding ways to minimise waste and make our company manufacturing and installation process easier.

To meet our sustainability goals, we know that minimising waste is absolutely integral and that’s why planning is integral to our business. Using the principles of lean construction, we have found ways to minimise our waste and still deliver our projects to the full satisfaction of our clients. By updating and refining our process, we have been able to invest in our team and deliver exceptional results to our customers. In a constantly changing world, we are adapting and rising to meet every new challenge.

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