Retail Resin Flooring

Retail resin flooring from Concrete Flooring Solutions offers you a fast, low-cost and durable solution for any retail space. Every step will be carried out by experienced, professional contractors. As a result, you’ll be guaranteed a hard-wearing, aesthetically pleasing floor for your shop or retail unit.

  • Fast installation
  • Resin flooring for all retail spaces
  • Immaculate finish options
  • Durable and sustainable
  • Constructionline Gold Member

The Benefits of Retail Resin Flooring

We carry out work to the same levels of attention and detail, no matter which of our industrial flooring services you choose for your project. However, in many cases you will find our poured resin flooring is the most suitable material for your needs. This is because it will offer you a durable, easily-maintained floor that can easily withstand the high levels of foot traffic seen in everyday use.

The resin’s finish also gives it a glossy, stylish appearance and our range is available in a series of different colours, so any shoppers or customers that enter the unit are bound to be impressed. Our epoxy resin is also waterproof, chemical resistant, anti-slip and anti-static, so it covers all the health and safety bases that should be expected of commercial resin floors.

We will provide you with a swift, expertly carried out installation process as well, and our retail resin flooring systems are easily painted over if you need to add finishes such as directional arrows. Any shop or retail unit can be opened as soon as possible with our service, and you can ensure the finished product is styled just as you need it.

No matter which colour resin you choose, or other customisation options you select, you can be certain that you will receive long-lasting and seamless floors that are ideal for any number of customers. The durability and smooth, level finish also means your flooring will be cost-effective, as it should only require basic cleaning and maintenance for many years to come.

Your Retail Resin Flooring Installation

When we begin your retail resin flooring installation, we will help you to plan out all the costs that will be involved, before setting out an accurate time frame for the work. We will then prepare the shop or retail unit’s current flooring surface for the resin to be poured on top.

Our fully trained and qualified team of contractors will complete the installation in a fast and non-invasive manner. Before installing the resin, they will also assess your current flooring surface and clean it, so that the finished flooring will always be level, even and structurally sound.

In some cases, we may also carry out diamond grinding or shot blasting. These both create smooth surfaces that are just right for an epoxy resin layer to be installed on top. Shot blasting does this by firing material at the existing floor, which smooths out bumps and uneven patches. Diamond grinding will achieve the same effect, but makes use of a particular grinding machine to do it.

At this stage in the work, we will pour the surface layers and allow them to cure before starting to apply any finishes. These layers usually include a primer coat, which keeps the floor waterproof by preventing moisture from entering. The second layer will be the epoxy coating itself. The final layer will be a sealant, which completes the flooring.

Applying Epoxy Resin to Any Shop Floor or Retail Space

Naturally, you will want the work we carry out to fit within your plan and the budget you have previously calculated to accommodate this. To make sure this happens, our team will be ready and waiting to help when you contact us to install your retain resin flooring. We will work closely with you to plan all costs, so the services we provide will always remain within your budget.

Our epoxy resin flooring can offer you the hard-wearing, aesthetically pleasing surface you need for your shop or retail unit. It will even come at a lower cost than other flooring materials, while providing a cost-effective finish that should not need replacing for many years. You can also be certain that the installation work will be carried out by specialist contractors.

With over 30 years of experience in this industry, you can trust that our levels of service will exceed your exceptions. We’ve also become attuned to the needs of our clients, whether they are based in retail or another industry sector.

Contact us today and we’ll be waiting to discuss everything you need for your flooring, before you finish the rest of your building or renovation project.