Anti Slip Resin Flooring – Expert Installation on Health and Safety Flooring

We are one of the leading anti slip resin flooring contractors in the UK. We will deliver an accurate quote, efficient installation and long-lasting resin floor. We have over 30 years of experience and will provide exceptional service during your installation.

Why Choose Concrete Flooring Solutions for Anti Slip Resin Flooring?

Our teams have years of experience in this field, and they know how to always complete any jobs in the most cost-efficient, fast, and least invasive ways possible – so you can always be sure that we’ll complete your floor in a COVID secure manner. Out of all of our completed epoxy resin flooring projects, we always provide results that go above and beyond expectations.

Our Constructionline Gold member floor experts at Concrete Flooring Solutions aims to bring you expertly installed anti-slip resin flooring and floor coatings with expert results. . To see how our heavy duty resin flooring can benefit your projects throughout the UK, get a free online written quotation. Contact us today.

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Extremely Heavy Duty Anti-slip Resin Flooring

At Concrete Flooring Solutions, we have a wide range of epoxy resin flooring on offer. Our wide range also includes health and safety flooring, which consists of resin floors altered with slip resistance properties, anti-slip epoxy floor resin coatings, and epoxy anti-slip flooring. 

Whether you’re looking to implement non-slip resin flooring in your commercial property for increased health and safety, or you’re looking for non-slip resin coatings with added chemical resistance for your scientific and industrial settings, Concrete Flooring Solutions has you covered with the best anti-slip epoxy floor resin in the UK.

Depending on your choice of resin floor, we can have your new stylish resin floor with a gloss finish poured and cured, along with any alterations, within a single day. Whether you’re looking to replace your industrial floor with a brand new anti-slip resin flooring with additional damp resistance, or you’re simply looking to cover your commercial concrete floors with epoxy floor paint for slip resistance; our team of experts will be more than willing to help.

Types of Anti Slip Resin Flooring Solutions

All of our resin flooring designs at Concrete Flooring Solutions are guaranteed to be designed, made, and installed in accordance with the industry standard Concrete society’s technical report 34. Below, we describe the benefits of each different type of our anti-slip resin flooring systems so you can see how each option can benefit properties throughout the UK.

  • Anti Slip Epoxy Floor Paint:

    This option is a perfect choice for floors that need to be heavy-duty, standing up to heavy wear and tear, as well as greatly enhancing slip resistance. Able to be used in commercial areas with a lot of foot traffic, and even where vehicles are used and parked. As this is a water-based epoxy coating, it creates a more hygienic environment as it is easier to clean, and damp proof. Anti-slip epoxy floor paints are ideal for enhancing the health and safety of an area, preventing slips and trips in commercial and industrial environments.

    Epoxy floor paint greatly toughens your floor, decreasing any maintenance needed with a long-lasting floor coating that lasts for years; and will save you money. This can be implemented in multiple situations, such as:
  • Concrete floors in warehouses
  • Production areas
  • Garages
  • Showrooms

    Do you have concrete floors, or floors made of other suitable materials, that you would like to be painted with an anti-slip epoxy floor paint? Our Constructionline Gold experts will be more than happy to lend their services to you. Contact us today
  • Methyl Methacrylate Flooring:

    We can also install fast curing methyl methacrylate resin which can be altered with anti-slip health and safety properties. For those in need of flooring that can be cured quickly, due to multiple projects on the go or needing to use the floor the next day, our professionals can lay and cure your resin floor within a day. The best feature of this resin is that, although it may be fast curing, the durability or smoothing are not sacrificed as the result will still be highly durable and beautifully smoothed – along with the fact that anti-slip properties can be included in the mixing process.

    To book your free consultation on the installation of methyl methacrylate flooring, contact us today. 
  • Polyurethane Resin Flooring:

    Do you need brand new industrial anti-slip resin flooring for your workshop or scientific setting? Polyurethane resin flooring is the best option for these settings as it can not only be altered with non-slip properties but also features enhanced chemical resistance and temperature resistance. As a heavy-duty type of flooring, polyurethane resin flooring should be your first choice for any of the more industrial and technical settings in order to grant a higher grade of health and safety.

    For a free online quotation, contact us today.

Benefits of Anti Slip Resin Flooring in the UK

Whether your existing floors are in need of anti-slip epoxy floor painting and coating in order to greatly enhance the health and safety of your property with slip-resistant floors, or you require an entirely brand new anti-slip epoxy floor, our Constructionline Gold experts with over 40 years of experience in this field will be more than willing to help. We can cover the entirety of the UK for all your resin flooring needs. 

Not sure what type of resin flooring on offer suits your needs? Our professional resin flooring contractors with years of experience can help you discover which of our wide array of options best suits your project. Throughout the entirety of the UK, we’ve got all your needs covered. Some benefits of having anti-slip resin flooring installed are:

  • Extreme Durability
  • Cost-effective
  • Waterproof
  • Non-slip – with extra levels available
  • Same day curing on certain resins
  • Chemical resistance 

For a free quotation to see how we can get seamless epoxy flooring systems and expert contractors throughout the United Kingdom to you,  contact us today.

As a disclaimer, it is impossible to guarantee that slips and tips in settings with anti-slip flooring installed will never happen. Anti-slip epoxy resin floors increase the slip resistance of your flooring systems so that the risk of slip hazards are decreased – you can also increase the amount of aggregate in your new resin system in order to further enhance the level of slip resistance. 

Contact us Today for Expertly Installed Anti Slip Resin Flooring

If you think our anti-slip resin flooring options sound like they’ll fit in with your project, and enhance the health and safety features of your property, then contact our teams of experts throughout the UK today. They’ll be more than happy to install a brand new anti-slip resin floor to suit your needs.

Our team of 100% accredited professionals can have your brand new floor laid and cured in as little as a day, all to your specifications. Contact our experts today for a free quote, and to see how we can get you extremely safe and heavy-duty resin flooring, through our contact form.