Resin Floor Specialists

At Concrete Flooring Solutions, we are proud to work as resin floor specialists across the whole of the UK, supplying and installing the durable, long-lasting flooring our clients need for large commercial and industrial projects.

  • Fast installation
  • Flooring for all commercial & industrial spaces
  • Immaculate finish options
  • Durable and sustainable
  • Constructionline Gold Member

The Resin Flooring Types We Offer

We provide epoxy and polyurethane resins to clients based across the UK. Both these resin types are ideal for flooring in a variety of building types, across a number of different industry sectors:

  • Industrial and factory resin flooring
  • Commercial and retail resin flooring
  • Outdoor resin flooring
  • Pharmaceutical cleanroom and surgery resin flooring
  • Car park and garage resin flooring
  • Warehouse resin flooring
  • School, nursery and college resin flooring

These are just some of the building types we will provide with resin flooring upon request. To find out more about our services for other properties and projects, please get in touch with us.

Our Resin Flooring Installation Process

We’ll begin the installation process by helping you to plan out the costs of the work involved and setting out a precise time frame for the work. We will then prepare the current floor surface you have, so that the resin layer can be poured on top.

Our team of specialists will use the latest, most efficient tools and equipment to complete the work as you need it. They will also assess and clean your existing floorspace so that the finished product is smooth and level once it has been installed. This also ensures that the floor is structurally sound.

We may also carry out shot blasting or diamond grinding work. These both create surfaces that allow resin surfaces such as polyurethane and epoxy floorings to be installed on top. Shot blasting does this by firing material at the current floor surface, smoothing out bumps or uneven patches which may otherwise leave the floor unfit for use. Diamond grinding will also do this for you, though a specific grinding machine will be used to achieve the effect.

After this stage of the work process, we will pour in the layers of resin and allow them to cure before applying any finishes that you have requested. These layers will normally include a primer coat, to prevent a buildup of moisture in the flooring. The last layer will always be a sealant, which completes the work.

The Benefits of Installing Resin Flooring

Before you make a firm decision on choosing resin flooring for your project, you will naturally want to know the benefits it can bring to the building or structure. There are a number of beneficial features you will find when you choose to use resin flooring in building or renovation work in the UK:

  • The resulting floor is durable and long-lasting
  • The high tensile strength means it has a high impact resistance, so it is unlikely to crack. Resin is also resistant to scratches
  • Resin offers greater slip resistance than many other materials, making it ideal if you need industrial flooring
  • Resin offers greater chemical resistance than many other materials, making it ideal if you need flooring for a cleanroom in a pharmaceutical setting
  • Resin is waterproof
  • Resin is anti-static
  • Epoxy resin flooring in particular has a fast cure time, so your project will be kept on schedule
  • The resulting floor will be completely smooth and level, making it easy to clean and maintain
  • Resin comes in a range of colours and clear resin is available if you wish to keep the colour of the floor underneath
  • Resin flooring can also be painted over, which is particularly useful if you have a car park and need to finish it by painting line markings

How Much Does a Resin Floor Cost?

The cost of each resin flooring installation we carry out will be calculated and quoted individually. However, we don’t want you to worry about what this may mean for your previously planned budget, so our team will work closely with you to make sure every specification is taken into account when you need to know how much your resin flooring will cost. This ensures that you will only be paying for the services you need and nothing more.

Contact Our Resin Floor Specialists in the UK

If your project requires durable, easily-cleaned flooring that’s swiftly installed to meet your deadline, Concrete Flooring Solutions has the answer. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we’ve attuned ourselves to the needs of our clients so that we can offer them the highest quality services possible. This is the service you’ll be guaranteed when you contact us to order resin flooring for your own building needs.

Any of our resin flooring systems can offer you the perfectly level, hard-wearing surface you’ve been searching for. The materials we use will even come at a lower cost than other types of flooring and provide a cost-effective finish that shouldn’t need replacing for many years.

All of the work will be carried out by our own team of specialist contractors, so contact us when you’re ready to begin installing your new flooring. We will be ready and waiting to discuss everything you need to complete the project.