How to Polish a Polished Concrete Floor in 6 Steps

Polished concrete is one of the most popular concrete flooring designs currently on the market. It takes patience, skill and determination to achieve a perfect polished finish. If laid correctly, polished concrete can last a lifetime. It’s durable, adaptable and looks exceptional.

Despite its durability, there are some maintenance tips to follow to ensure your polished concrete floor remains in good condition.

The Benefits of Polished Concrete

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, durable, adaptable and stylish flooring, polished concrete is among the most popular. It’s also one of the most cost-effective flooring options on the market, because it can last a lifetime if it is properly installed and maintained.

On average, polished concrete costs anywhere between £80 to £150 per m2. It’s not exactly cheap but you won’t have to reinvest in a new floor anytime soon. It’s also highly adaptable, meaning it looks good in any property due to its colour palette.

It’s versatility means it can seamless go from being an indoor flooring to an outdoor flooring. A popular option is connecting polished flooring between kitchen and garden. This is because it’s a very light-reflective flooring options and it’s able to withstand heavy amounts of foot traffic as well as withstanding the elements outdoors.

Polishing your Polished Concrete Floor

Effective concrete floor polishing typically comes in six stages. We’ve outlined a step-by-step guide below on how to polish your concrete flooring to maximise its potential and keep it looking pristine all-year round.

1. Sweeping

As with any flooring, sweeping is the first port of all. Clear any debris that may jeopardise the cleaning process. If the floor is not swept before the cleaning process begins, it may cause grit and dust to gather, taking away some of the shine from your polished flooring.

2. Mopping

Mopping a polished concrete floor only requires water and a mild detergent. Mopping will clear any remaining dust left from the sweeping. Mopping will also clear any light stains and marks on your polished floor.

3. Polish with Coarse Grit

Wait until the polished floor has dried before applying the coarse grit. Once dry, use a coarse-grit polishing disk to polish and buff the floor. Coarse grit is particularly helpful because it’s able to remove stubborn stains a brush or mop wouldn’t be able to. Start at one corner of the polished floor and work your way towards the other side until you cover the entire surface area.

If there are any notable stains, ensure you pay particular attention to these. Clean in circular motions to rid stubborn stains.

4. Use Fine Grit to Polish

Now is when you will want to switch to a fine grit polishing disk. Again, you’ll want to adopt a circular motion technique to efficiently rid any remaining stains. At this point, your polished floor should look clean and any remaining stains should be practically gone.

You can also use pore and crack filler to help solidify and fortify your concrete floor’s surface. This will help protect against things such as damp, water penetration and staining.

5. Utilise Extra-fine Grit

Next, you’ll need to use a polishing disk with the finest grit (typically a 1500 should do the job). This is the process which will leave your polished concrete floor looking glossy and ultra-polished. Any remaining stains or marks should now be completely gone. This step is all about aesthetics and ensuring your floor has reached its full potential.

6. Extra Sheen!

The final stage simply involves using a floor grinder to lay concrete floor polish over the entire area. This step reinforces your polished concrete’s sheen. Once this has been completed, you may want to protect your polished concrete’s new surface by applying a stain-guard product. This are not essential by any means, but they do help keep your floor looking polished for long and then protect against grease, oil and other chemicals.

to apply the stain-guard, use a pump-up spray and apply two light coats. Once the first coat is applied, wait 30 minutes until to apply the next one. Then, burnish the floor to reinforce that sheen look.

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