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Polished Concrete Flooring

Here at Concrete Flooring Solutions (CFS), we specialise in polished concrete flooring. These floors – unlike other concrete finishes – are slicker, smoother and generally look more professional. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they’re also cost-effective, incredibly durable and are also able to withstand constant abuse.

Our primary goal here at CFS is to provide people in the UK with bespoke concrete flooring solutions. Whatever your concrete flooring needs are, CFS guarantee we’ll be able to help. Our polished concrete flooring is guaranteed to transform your once matte finish into a pristine, glossy finish.

Our Polished Concrete Flooring Services

At CFS, we have many different concrete flooring options to choose from, however our polished concrete is one of our most popular. Our concrete flooring selections varies from plain and coloured concrete to ground and exposed finishes. If it’s polished you’re looking for, CFS are the best in the business for laying polished concrete.

CFS have over 30 years of experience within the concrete industry. In this time, we have obtained a respectable reputation from the many clients we have served throughout the UK. We’re proud of our positive reviews and our team are constantly striving to be the best in the business. To perform at such a consistent rate, CFS keeps up to date with top of the range technology in the concrete flooring industry.

This ensures that our polished concrete flooring is not only swiftly laid but looks and feels exceptional. Our polished concrete floors are made to last a lifetime, as well as being used daily. If

you’d like to know what our past clients have said about our services y don’t you head on over to our testimonials page?

Polished Concrete Flooring Finishes

Here at CFS, we have a range of concrete floor finishes at our disposal. We leave it entirely up t the client to choose what type of finish they’d like, however, if they are unsure as to what would be best suited for their property, we will of course give out professional advice.

Our most popular choice is still polished concrete, as it comes with two major benefits. First, it looks stunning, it’s glossy, almost glass-like finish can truly brighten a property and second, it’s incredibly durable and should last you a lifetime. If you’d like to know more about the process your property will undergo, or you’d simply like to chat with one of our friendly team members, why don’t you get in touch today?

Our Approach to Polished Concrete Flooring

CFS are passionate about our work ethic and the quality service we provide to our customers on a daily basis. If you’re still undecided as to whether you want polished concrete flooring, why not chat to one of our team? You may find that polished flooring isn’t the right choice for your property but our expert staff will advise you on how to progress.

All of our designs are in accordance with The Concrete Society’s Technical Report 34, which has become the industry standard for concrete industrial ground floors.

Our Team Ethic

Our focus on new technology has lead us to become one of the most sought-after concrete companies in the UK. Our services have seen massive improvements because of our focus on innovative technology, as we’re now able to pour single areas of concrete slabs of up to 2,500m2. The slabs are laid to the strictest flatness tolerances to ensure that the levelling is perfect and nothing appears unbalanced.

Contact Us Today for Your Polished Concrete Flooring!

We like to think that our approach is simple and easy. So, if you have any questions, or would like a quote on your commercial property, why not give our team a quick call? We can offer concrete solutions to any client within the UK – so call today on 0845 592 0083, or reach us through our contact form to see what we can offer you!

We’re also able to reach clients throughout the UK, no matter where they are! We have two primary offices in Hampshire and West Sussex but will happily travel to assess any work from any client. Below are some of the most popular areas we visit regarding our polished concrete floors:

  • Birmingham 
  • London 
  • Swansea 
  • Oxford 
  • Cambridge 
  • Sussex
  • Bristol 
  • Portsmouth
  • Southampton
  • Plymouth
  • Kent

If you, or your property is not based in the above areas, don’t worry, this is no problem. Our team at CFS will do everything they can to reach you and provide top quality concrete flooring. If you’d like to learn more about our services and how we can reach you, why don’t you get in touch today? You can either fill out our contact form, or call us on 0845 517 9193.

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