Fibre Reinforced Concrete Floors

Concrete floors provide a sleek look and incredible durability for a huge range of industrial and commercial projects. But with reinforcement, our concrete floors are made to be stronger than ever. Fibre reinforced concrete floors are one of the most strong, durable, and long-lasting flooring options available in the UK. Reinforced with fibrous materials, this type of flooring is able to maintain its structural integrity significantly better than non-reinforced concrete.

Fibre reinforced concrete flooring has been rapidly growing in popularity throughout the UK as more and more people are starting to realise its benefits. So, before you place your order for a concrete floor, take a moment to consider the benefits of fibre reinforced concrete floors.

What is Fibre?

Fibre is a small piece of material possessing reinforcing properties. These reinforcing properties are what gives the fibrous material its structural integrity. Types of fibres include glass fibres, synthetic fibres, steel fibres, and natural fibres. All of these different fibres can be used in a wide range of construction parts.

It is common to have concrete floors that are reinforced with fibres (usually glass or “plastic”) so that the strength of the flooring is significantly increased. There are many things to consider when installing fibre reinforced concrete as the shape, length, and dimension of fibre is as important as the type of concrete. For example, a thin, short, glass-like fibre will only be effective the first hours after pouring the concrete, essentially working to reduce cracking on the surface while the concrete is setting. However, these small fibres will not increase the tensile strength of the concrete.

How Do Fibres Affect Concrete?

One of the most significant ways fibres affect concrete is by controlling and reducing problems like cracking and shrinking while concrete floors dry. Fibres also lower the permeability of concrete so that water bleeding is reduced. What’s more, some types of fibres produce great impact resistance, effective abrasion, and excellent shatter resistance in concrete floors, providing them with extra protection.

The Different Types of Fibre Reinforced Concrete

  • Organic fibres
  • Asbestos fibres
  • Carbon fibres
  • Steel fibres
  • Polypropylene fibres
  • Glass fibres

The Best Applications for Concrete Floors

Fibre reinforced concrete has a higher flexural strength than unreinforced concrete, which is a significant benefit if you want floors that are made to last. Our reinforced concrete floors are made to be strong and long lasting. When floors are reinforced with fibre, they can withstand significantly heavy amounts of traffic.

The most common applications for concrete floors are large scale industrial concrete floors, lightweight applications, architecturally sensitive buildings, complex, geometric elements, and suspended floors. Whatever type of concrete floor you are looking for, we have a variety of designs and styles to choose from.

Increase the Toughness and Durability of Your Floors: if you want to increase the toughness and durability of your concrete floors, reinforced fibres can make a significant difference.

Decrease Surface Cracking: surface cracking is a common problem in concrete floors when they are left to dry too quickly. If you’re looking to reduce the problem of surface cracking, fibre concrete reinforcement is the perfect solution.

Improve Freeze-Thaw Resistance: when water freezes, it expands. So, if concrete is moist, it is susceptible to freezing, which creates significant pressure in the concrete’s pores. If concrete is exposed to multiple freeze-thaw cycles, crumbling can occur. Adding fibres to the concrete will improve concrete’s resistance to freezing, keeping it solid and damage-free.

Reduce the Effects of Shrinkage: during the curing process, it is common for concrete to experience shrinkage as water evaporates from it. This can cause cracks and other imperfections to appear on the surface, ruining the aesthetics of the finished look. Fibre reinforcement within the concrete can help to improve resistance to shrinkage, reducing aesthetic damage.

Concrete Aesthetics: speaking of aesthetics, for installations that require a particular finish on the concrete, micro-synthetic or stealth fibres can be added to create a nearly invisible finish. If you’re interested in adding fibres to your concrete, speak to one of our team today.

The Benefits of Fibre Reinforced Concrete

  • It reduces the tensile strength of the concrete
  • It increases the durability of the floor
  • It reduces the air and water voids
  • Fibres such as glass and graphite have excellent resilience to creep
  • Joint forming costs are reduced as there is less need for joint maintenance
  • The construction process is sped up
  • It reduces slab thickness, so money is saved on concrete and placement costs
  • The construction process is easier
  • The risk of concrete cracking is significantly reduced
  • Concrete has greater impact resistance
  • Concrete has greater fatigue resistance
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Long-lasting floors

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