What is Construction Management?

Construction management is a service in the construction industry which provides project owners with effective supervision of the work. The position includes overseeing schedules, quality and function, health and safety, and financial management of projects.

The service is compatible with all methods of project delivery. However, a site manager is always accountable to the owner and is responsible for ensuring that a successful project is carried out.

What Does a Site Manager do in Construction?

A site manager, also sometimes known as a construction manager, has a very important role in making sure a construction project is completed. He or she manages projects on behalf of the owner, represents their interests and answers directly to them. Site managers work with all parties to ensure a project is delivered on time, to the standards of quality, scope and function expected by the owner.

Health and safety is an important aspect of a site manager position. This is because they are expected to make sure projects are being completed in accordance with safeguarding standards. They may also need to obtain permits in order to complete the construction process.

Site managers are also responsible for ensuring that a project is completed either on or below the budget set. This is a part of their profession known as commercial management.

What is Commercial Management in Construction?

Commercial management in the construction industry is the management of all of a project’s finances as it progresses. A successful project is one which is completed on time, at the required quality, and to the budget set. These must be balanced in commercial management, with the business’ long-term strategy and the commercial drivers of the owner.

As such, commercial management covers a wide variety of topics. These topics include accounting, setting, monitoring and forecasting budgets, risk and value management, supply chain management and developing a business plan.

This particular role may also be overseen by a commercial manager.

What Does a Commercial Manager do in Construction?

Commercial managers are individuals who have had a lot of experience working in the construction industry, often having started as engineers or quantity surveyors. They are responsible for increasing business potential in terms of profit, monitoring internal processes, and managing external relationships. These external relationships are essential, as they are most often subcontractors and clients.

Commercial manager jobs also involve managing a commercial team, and all reports go to the construction project manager.

How to Become a Certified Construction Manager

Construction manager jobs usually require a HND/HNC (Higher National Diploma/Higher National Certificate), a foundation degree or a degree in a relevant area. Relevant areas include building engineering, architecture studies, civil engineering, construction management or construction engineering. You will also need considerable work experience in the industry.

An alternate route to learning how to become a certified construction manager is applying for a Modern Apprenticeship through the Construction Industry Training Board. This may be done after studying a number of subjects, such as English, maths, science and technology. You can then complete part-time study for a HND/HNC.

You will also need a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card in order to work on a construction site, and complete a health and safety test.

How to Start a Construction Management Business

As well as having a degree and work experience in the construction industry, there are a number of other considerations before starting a construction company. The first of these is forming a business plan, by examining the demographics of your region and other local businesses. From this, it can be determined who your target market will be, how this market will be reached, and how you can raise money to get started.

Once you have built up relationships with local contractors and have all the required licenses, you will be able to market your services in your local area.

There are also steps which can be taken in order to help your small business grow. A recommended method of improving your career progression, enhancing your business, and increasing its prospects is to apply for and be given chartered status.

What is Chartered Status?

Chartered status is the awarding of professional status to individuals working within a particular industry. A Chartered Construction Manager is someone who has been recognised as having a specific level of skill in construction management.

The Chartered Institute of Building is the world’s largest and most influential industry body. It offers various membership options for those who have obtained chartered status. These options can aid in advancing your career, assist you in winning contracts, and increase professionalism within your organisation.

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