What is Brush Finished Concrete?

Brush finished concrete is a type of floor finish, which involves pushing or pulling a brush over the surface of a newly levelled concrete floor. This creates a textured appearance that can be used in a number of different spaces, according to a client’s needs. At CFS, we are happy to apply an expert brush finish to any concrete floor that our customers want, as well as explain different features and benefits of having it done. See our industrial concrete flooring page for more information.

We know from experience that each brush finished concrete flooring we lay can look completely different, and this has a simple explanation. The eventual look of the finish will depend on the type of bristles that the brush used has. For instance, lighter textures are created with industry-standard brushes that have softer bristles, whereas a brush with wire bristles will produce a harsher, deeper finish. Standard brushes that are readily available and normally used for sweeping are not used, as they usually result in a poorer standard of finish. 

How is Brush Finished Concrete Applied?

After laying a concrete floor, you need to make sure that the floor is either power floated or skip floated (otherwise known as a bull float) and made level while you wait for the right time to apply the brush finish. If it is used too early, the wet concrete can produce bleed water that will make its way to the top, making it weak or even pulling pieces of aggregate out of the surface. 

Once it is ready for the broom finishing, carefully draw the broom across the concrete to create parallel lines. This step should be repeated until you have the pattern or design you want. However, you must take care when doing this if you wish to achieve a uniform look ‒ it is difficult to apply to large areas and must be watched with extreme attention to detail. If applied correctly, your broom finished concrete will look clean and attractive in the place it has been laid.

It must be noted that this process can be complicated and will require some experience if it is to be attempted. We would always highly recommend that brushed concrete finishes are carried out by experienced professionals, because it will prevent damage from being done to your new concrete floor. This will save you money in the long run, as you will not have to spend more on relaying the concrete slab.

Where is Brush Finished Concrete Most Used?

Brush finished concrete surfaces are most often found in outdoor areas that receive a certain amount of foot and vehicle traffic. These range from walkways and farmyards to places such as airports and industrial sites. However, it is more than possible for customers looking to finish concrete on smaller projects to have this done for their homes and businesses as well. If you get in touch with us, we can arrange the supply and installation of your new brush finished concrete driveway, path or patio in a swift and professional manner.

What are the Benefits of Using Brush Finished Concrete?

There are a number of benefits to using brush finished concrete in your flooring. The first that our customers will find is that they often end up reducing dangers and risks such as slipping, owing to the rough surface texture. It also means that the concrete will still be safe to walk on, even if it is wet. Moreover, when your flooring is wet and you have decided on a brush finish for your concrete, your drainage may actually improve because the textured finish will increase the water run-off.

Another benefit is that it can withstand heavy traffic, from pedestrians walking to vehicles coming and going. If you are planning on letting vehicles drive over the concrete, a rough surface texture will provide more traction for wheels than smooth concrete will. The durability of brushed concrete also means that it will only need minimal maintenance, while remaining fit for purpose. 

This type of concrete flooring is cheaper to install than a stamped concrete finish, saving you money while providing a floor that will be just as strong as any other kind. With a brush finished concrete floor, you will also have the flexibility to create different floor patterns to suit how you would like the end result to look. This gives you creative control over your project, so you can have something completely unique if that is what you would like.

We Install Brush Finished Concrete Flooring

Here at CFS, we are proud to be able to professionally lay and apply a brush finish to all our customers who need it done. So, if you are in need of a new, reliably strong and aesthetically pleasing brush finished concrete slab flooring, contact us today. As experts in this industry, we know that we can provide what you want, exactly the way you want it, at a price that will not hurt your budget. No matter what you need for your work, or what size area it will cover, we aim to see your flooring project through to the end.