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Concrete Flooring Solutions are proud to provide our self-levelling epoxy floor screeds applied by our Constructionline Gold member flooring experts. Also known as flow-applied and flowable resin flooring, these resin floor screeds and floor systems follow the outlying profiles and complexion of the floor – smoothing itself over small holes and imperfections. 

The term ‘self-levelling is not quite true, instead ‘flowable’ or ‘flow applied are more accurate terms. Though the general idea remains the same, that the self-levelling floor screed can be poured to achieve a level floor that hides minor imperfections, the layer of flooring that the screed is being poured onto has to be repaired prior. 

Repairing damaged and un-level floors are essential before coating with epoxy flooring screeds and floor coatings, otherwise, you may find that the self-levelling screed will smooth itself into the profile of surface potholes, undulations, and even flow the incorrect way if the floor is unlevel. In order to get the best results, our experts at Concrete Flooring Solutions will ensure that the floor you need to be covered in our high-quality self-levelling epoxy floor screeds and floor coatings will be fully repaired and levelled in order to provide the best result possible. 

The Resin Flooring Association has two categories of flowable resin flooring:

  • Type 5: Suitable for medium to heavy-duty applications. Can be laid at 2-3mm thickness. 
  • Type 7: A heavy-duty self-levelling resin screed that is suitable for heavy and very heavy duty uses. Can be laid at 4-6mm thickness. 

Types of Self-levelling Epoxy Resin Screeds and Polyurethane Resin Screeds

Here at Concrete Flooring Solutions, we use multiple types of resin screeds in order to get the best results for every job we complete. Below, we list the types of resin that we use, their benefits, and how each resin works best for each job. 

Epoxy Resin Floor Screeds:

  • Pumaflow:

    This option is a three-part epoxy resin floor screed with flow application that is laid at 2-3mm, and also has a smooth gloss finish. This is best for medium-duty applications, featuring good chemical resistance and one of the best abrasion and wear resistance. This option best suits the food and beverage production industry, as well as an industry that deals with chemicals such as engineering and manufacturing plants. Due to the gloss finish, the Pumaflow is rendered easier to clean, which is great when used in situations that require a hygienic surface – such as hospitals and scientific labs. This option is also available in an electro-static dissipative grade known as Pumaflow ESD.

    If the Pumaflow self-levelling epoxy floor screed sounds like the best option for your project, get in touch with our experts today to see what we can do for you. Contact us today.
  • Resuflor VF:

    This epoxy resin floor screed is flow-applied and laid at 2-3mm. This provides a smooth highly glossy finish, as well as a robust chemically resistant surface that can be decorated to your specifications.

    Does the Resuflor VF self-levelling epoxy resin screed appeal for your next project? Contact us today.

Polyurethane Resin Floor Screeds:

  • Resuthane SL:

    This resin floor screed is a three-part polyurethane screed that has two grade options. A 2-3mm option, Resuthane SL 23, and a 4-5mm option, Resuthane SL 45. Both of these options have properties that provide self-sealing with a smooth matte finish, along with the added bonus of slip resistance – greatly enhancing the health and safety level of the area poured with the resin screed.

    Resuthane screeds can be used within a large variety of situations too. If you’re looking for a new resin flooring screed for commercial use and areas with high foot traffic, Resuthane SL has high resistance against abrasion, is extremely hard wearing against high footfall, and can even be altered with a wide variety of colours of your choosing. If you’ve been looking for a new resin floor screed for industrial use, Resuthane is also resistant to chemicals and fluctuating temperatures. This resin is food-safe, easy to clean, and boasts heavy-duty durability; making this option great for bakeries, labs, workshops, production plants, and other similar areas.

    Does the Resuthane SL polyurethane self-levelling resin flooring seem like a match for your project? Contact us today.
  • Pumadur SL:

    This is a three-part polyurethane resin floor screed that is laid at 2-3mm with flow application. This option provides a seamless matte floor finish, also boasting high abrasion chemical resistance. This option is suitable for medium-duty applications, primarily in industrial environments and is also available in an electro-static dissipative grade known as Pumadur SL ESD.

    If the Pumadur SL appeals to you, contact us today.
  • Pumathane SL UVR:

    This option is a high-specification polyurethane self-smoothing resin floor screed that provides a seamless application. In terms of finishes, it is available in a gloss, silk, or matte upon request. One of the benefits of Pumathane SL UVR is its flexibility, being able to be applied to a variety of materials such as asphalt, sand screeds, cement screeds, steel, timber, and concrete floors. This option also boasts light resistance, meaning it won’t change colour or bleach after being in direct sunlight for a long time and is also UV stable.

    If the glossy or silky finish of the Pumathane SL UVR appeals to you, contact us today.
  • Resustat SL23:

    This option is a four-part electrostatic dissipative polyurethane self-smoothing flooring. This is specifically designed for areas that need anti-static, hard-wearing, and chemically resistant floor surfaces. These areas may include pharmaceutical production lines, electronics manufacturing, operating theatres, tv studios, and food processing plants. The Resustat SL23 flooring is laid at 3mm thick, providing a seamless, smooth matte finish. The Resustat SL23 Anti-static Flooring System has an electrical conductivity leakage resistance of 5 x 104 to 108 ohms when tested to BS2050/1978.

    Resustat SL23 is a great choice for those who require anti-static flooring. Contact us today.

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All of our self-levelling epoxy screeds and polyurethane screeds are as solvent-free as possible and are applied with epoxy primers and spiked rollers where possible in order to provide the best possible results to our customers. Our Constructionline Gold Member flooring experts are the best at what they do, and they know how to get the best flooring solutions for you. If you’re looking to install a self-levelling epoxy floor screed, epoxy floor paints, or any of our other expert services, our professionals at Concrete Flooring Solutions will be more than happy to help. 

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