An Overview of What Affects Resin Flooring Costs

We install high-quality poured resin floors in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. Keeping resin flooring costs within your budget is something we can accurately determine when you get a quote from us. Our hard-wearing resin flooring will handle extensive use and we will install it quickly and efficiently.

Resin flooring is an attractive and practical type of floor. Polished resin looks warm and feels smooth to walk on, poured resin flooring is also available in a wide variety of colours. It is a strong contemporary look with variations in terms of price, but our team will do all they can to match prices to your requirements.

We supply and fit resin flooring, and many other types of concrete flooring options in the UK, so we can gauge your resin flooring costs. The price for a poured resin floor depends on many important factors that we explore here. For a fast and precise quote on your poured resin floor make sure you contact us today.

What factors affect resin flooring costs?

The final amount that resin flooring costs depends on a variety of important factors. A poured resin floor can make use of many different types of resin and finishes, all of which will affect the final cost per square meter.

You will understandably want a clear idea of your resin flooring costs before starting your project, and we are happy to share the following knowledge that will help you determine the price range for your indoor or outdoor poured resin floor. 

The following factors will affect the final cost per square metre of your resin floor:

1. The current state of your floor

To apply resin flooring properly the area where you want to install it will require extensive preparation. An existing floor that is in poor condition will demand more preparation, which can increase the overall expense of the installation.

Your floor may require shot blasting, which removes old floor coatings from the surface. Shot blasting blasts the floor and sucks up any surface material that comes loose.  Another type of surface preparation, diamond grinding, involves using a grinding machine to grind the surface into a smooth texture.

Any previous flooring, such as existing resin or tiling, will require more work to prepare – which can also affect the cost. The general integrity of the floor will alter the price too, as heavy machinery can be necessary to correctly prepare the floor.

2. The size of your flooring area

It may be obvious but the larger the area of your floor, the higher your resin flooring costs will become. For example, large warehouse spaces will be more expensive than a smaller hallway or a corridor.

Resin can be tricky to transport on-site, and so accessibility issues may push the costs higher. A larger flooring area does not mean a higher cost per square meter. Larger areas will cost less per square metre – but have a higher overall price.

3. The type of resin flooring you choose

The broad type of poured resin floor you decide upon will affect the final price, and different types of resin flooring will cost more than others. The expense of each type of resin, such as epoxy resin or polyurethane, will vary. If there is poor access to the site special equipment may be necessary, which can also raise costs. 

Resin flooring types can also range from simple floor coatings to very complex ones that provide specific colouring and extra functionality. Resin can have anti-static or anti-slip features, for example, which will factor into the cost. Every variation will affect the overall expense of your project.

4. The finishing of your resin

You want to get the most attractive and functional finish for your floor, but the choice of finishes will affect the overall price. Resin flooring costs can be lower when finishing is minimal.

A polished resin floor creates a versatile and vibrant look but takes some time to create and requires the use of special equipment. Applying finishes that provide features such as chemical resistance, depending on your needs, will also affect the overall resin flooring cost.

Resin flooring at a competitive cost

We work with you to make sure we do all we can to fit within your budget. Our knowledgeable team of experts will help you calibrate the requirements you have to your budget by advising on the most suitable or cost-effective choices.

Once you start your resin flooring project we will provide a quick and efficient installation, which will leave you to enjoy your indoor or outdoor resin floor as soon as possible. Quick installation times also help reduce prices. Your floor will be able to withstand the use of vehicles or heavy foot traffic very effectively.

As experts in installing a wide range of concrete floors in the UK, we can provide the lowest possible quote, expert installation and a high-quality final product. For a fast and accurate estimate on your resin flooring costs contact us today.