Composite Construction | What it is & How it Works

What is Composite Construction?

The term is used to describe construction work that involves the use of more than work material to create a structurally sound building foundation. Composite construction is commonly used in large commercial building projects, including multi-storey car parks, retail stores, warehouses and even skyscrapers.

Where is Composite Construction Used?

Composite construction is typically used in the commercial sector but does extend to residential properties. Most composite construction work is carried out in multi-building establishments. The reason it’s so popular is because it provides unrivalled strength and durability using minimal materials. The combination of steel and concrete provides the perfect foundation for a strong and lightweight design. The steel elements offer exceptional tensile strength and the concrete offers fantastic compression qualities.

In structural engineering

In the context of structural engineering, composition constructions occur when two materials are combined together to act as a single unit. This essentially creates a stronger structure as both materials work together to support each other.

For example, when building a car park, a contractor may choose to use steel beams to support concrete slabs so that the load is shared between the beam and the concrete. If this is not performed, then the beam will take on all the weight of the structure, which will put the structural integrity of the building into question. Composite construction shares the load, creating a larger and stronger beam to support the load.

In the context of composite steel decking

The materials featured in composite metal decking are steel and concrete. The decking (made from steel) is laid beneath the concrete and acts as a support foundation for the concrete to be laid upon. The combination of the tensile strength of steel framing and the compressive strength of concrete provides a structurally sound structure.

Composite steel and concrete floor construction is a service we provide at Concrete Flooring Solutions

Examples of composite materials used in building constructions

Typical examples of composite materials using in building constructions include:

  • Concrete
  • Reinforced plastics
  • Cement
  • Steel
  • Steel-reinforced concrete
  • Composite wooden beams
  • Composite metal decking

All the above materials are used in composite construction as they are very strong and durable.

Types of Composite Beams used in Composite Frame Construction

There are three main types of composite beam used in composite frame construction:

Downstand Beams

The most popular choice when it comes to composite construction. Downstand beams involve a composite slab sitting atop the downstand beam and is connected through deck welded shear studs. The studs help provide structural connection to the concrete and the steel, look Allied Experts. The reason downstand beams are typically used is because the decking acts as a great external reinforcement foundation as well as a formwork and working platform through the construction stage.

During composite deck construction, the composite decking is placed in sections by hand minimising labour time and providing a flexible fit.

Long Span

Essentially an extension to downstand beams. Long span composite beams simply provide the option of extending the size of downstand beams (20m or more).

Shallow Floor Solutions

Shallow floors come with various benefits, including minimising the height of the building or/and adding more floors to it. This is done by reducing floor thickness up to 40cm. It’s also ideal if you’re looking to install under-floor technical equipment.

Additional benefits include:

  • Built-in fire/heat resistance
  • Very lightweight
  • Fast assembly time
  • Competitive pricing when purchased from Concrete Flooring Solutions

The Advantages of Composite Construction

As briefly mentioned above, composition construction comes the benefits of composite construction are numerous, which we have clearly labelled below:

Composite Construction from Concrete Flooring Solutions

Our team regularly designs and installs composite metal decking in commercial properties across the UK. Whether you’re the owner of a retail establishment or require composite construction for a multi-storey car park or similar area, we have the experience and technology to get the job done to the highest standards.

* All our designs are in accordance with The Concrete Society’s Technical Report 34 which has become the industry standard for concrete industrial ground floors.

Our composite construction method saves your business time and money because the labour time is far shorter than other construction methods and the assembly requires less materials.

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