Everything You Need to Know About Brushed Concrete Finishes

A builder laying industrial flooring

A brushed concrete finish gives you a rough texture on the surface of a concrete floor. You apply a brushed concrete finish when you want the floor to have slip resistance, such as on an outdoor walkway, and you do it by dragging a stiff-bristled broom or brush across a fresh concrete surface.

A concrete finish that makes use of brushing provides a rougher texture that is practical and affordable. The slip resistance it will give you means that it is highly suitable for areas where water and liquids may be present, such as outdoor walkways, car washes or any other place a surface gets wet.

The way to apply a brushed finish to a surface is to drag a stiff-bristled broom or brush across it before the concrete dries. To ensure a professional installation, and to make sure there is minimal wear over time, you should contact us to get a quote for this type of finish.

What are the benefits of brushing concrete?

There are several benefits to brushing concrete, aside from the aesthetic appeal of the rough surface and textured appearance, which make it a common concrete finish to choose. Benefits of brushed concrete include the following:

  • Slip resistance and safety: The major benefit is that brushing reduces the risk of slipping, which enhances safety as the texture of the surface makes it easier to walk on in wet conditions and improves wheel grip for vehicles.
  • Low-cost and low-maintenance: Brushing is a simple finish to apply, so it is very economical and much cheaper than other finishes that provide texture, such as stamping. It is also simple to clean and does not require polishing.
  • Aesthetics and customisation: The rough, textured look provides an appealing yet functional finish. The ability to customise your surface using brushing patterns is another benefit that gives you flexibility in design.

Brushed concrete is one of the simple types of concrete finishes available, which you can apply by using a stiff-bristled broom on your newly-laid concrete. Brushed concrete provides an exciting look and rough texture for the surface.

We provide concrete flooring services across the UK, and a brushed finish can be the perfect way to finish your floor. Our experienced concrete contractors will ensure minimal wear, which may be an issue if the surface has heavy use.

When should I apply a brushed finish?

The practical benefits of brushing concrete make it a popular choice with many of our industrial clients. You should apply this type of concrete finish in the following circumstances:

  • You have a surface that will get wet: A wet concrete outdoor walkway, patio or path may make it more difficult to walk without slipping. However, the slip resistance of brushed concrete reduces the danger of any slips or falls.
  • You will be using vehicles on the surface: The grip that a broom finish will add to the surface helps increase the safety of vehicles in use on your floor. More grip is particularly useful for farm settings or outdoor stockyards.
  • You want a rough textured look: Some people just enjoy the look of brushed concrete, and you can use various patterns. You can also apply a brushed concrete finish to walls or ceilings should you want this type of aesthetic.

The slip resistance, aesthetic appeal and the fact that it is a cost-effective choice make brushed concrete a sensible option for many settings. However, the most important places to apply a brushed finish are areas that will get wet.

How to do a brushed concrete finish

To do a brushed finish, you have to take a broom or brush and drag it over your newly-laid concrete. The stiffer the bristles on your broom, the more texture, roughness and resistance you will get. Use softer bristles for lighter textures.

Applying a brushed concrete finish is possible to do on your own, but remember that heavy use of these surfaces will increase their wear over time, and ultimately reduce the slip resistance of any rough texture on the floor.

For a professional brushed concrete finish, that will be less likely to wear during use, contact us for a quote. We have 30 years of experience, provide excellent customer service and will assist you in your concrete design project.