An In-Depth Look at 30 Concrete Floor Designs

Concrete flooring has come a long way since covering pavements and multi-storey car parks.

Today, concrete flooring finds itself in a variety of properties, and has actually become somewhat of an interior décor trend. Concrete is a very versatile flooring option and can be moulded into several different colours and shades to compliment the rest of a property’s interior. It’s also incredibly durable, which has made it a cost-effective investment.

Today, we’re going to be looking at some prime examples of professionally-applied concrete floors and what effects and techniques were used in the process. Pinterest is a fantastic platform to draw inspiration from, especially when it comes to interior design. However, sometimes there isn’t enough information to find out what’s going on behind the image. So, we’re here to shed light on the details behind 30 concrete flooring designs to help you make an informed decision!

1. Polished Concrete Flooring – Residential Property

polished concrete

The first image we’re going to be looking at is a fine example of polished concrete flooring. This option is commonly found in residential areas because of its simple, elegant design. The flooring is often a strong choice for the ground floor. This is mainly because this is where the kitchen and living rooms are located and polished concrete flooring is fantastic at reflecting the light in a room.
Additionally, it’s a very clean design and makes the area look and feel bigger. As you can see from the image, polished concrete does a fine job reflecting the light in the room, especially if you have a lot of natural light already entering through windows or a conservatory.

2. Polished Concrete Flooring – Commercial Property

Polished concrete floor

Here is another example of polished concrete flooring but with a fairly obvious artistic difference. The beauty of concrete flooring is that it is highly adaptable, as seen by this river pattern infused within the design. The designer here has clearly opted for an artistic approach, specifically laying down a river path leading somewhere. This design is also a different colour to the typical concrete floor, opting for a polished sand colour, giving the hallway some much needed character.

3. Polished Concrete Flooring – Acid Staining and Emblems

This design includes a bespoke pattern and border. It is possible to include custom-made designs in polished flooring and many people enjoy implementing emblems, borders and acid staining into their floorings. It’s a process that involves using acetone-based dyes and metallic stalks. The acid component used in the process helps upon up the pores of the concrete through a technique known as ‘etching’. This allows the metallic salts to easily penetrate the concrete.
The salts then form a chemical reaction with the calcium hydroxide within the cement, which transforms the colour of the concrete and gives you a smart, artistic stain. Patterns and emblems are made by a designer and then applied to the tiles by a concrete flooring professional. Polished concrete is the preferred

Other Concrete Flooring Designs

We’ve outlined some of our favourite concrete floor designs and given our expert insight into the thinking behind each design. Take a look below for some inspiration on how you can transform your property with concrete flooring.

Patterned Concrete Flooring Designs

We’ve done our research and found a selection of 10 of our favourite concrete flooring designs from across the web. Each design has been selected on its uniqueness and any key features that make it a cut above the rest.

1. Diamond Pattern Design Concrete Flooring

patterned concrete

Location: Hallway
Key Feature: Patterned effect

Patterned concrete floors require perfect stenciling as well as time and dedication. This type of flooring can work well in any room, but they are predominantly used in hallways, or areas of a property that direct people to other rooms. Entrance hallways, lobbies, waiting rooms and wet rooms often utilise this design.

2. Wood-Stamped Concrete

wood effect concrete

Location: Exterior, patio
Key Feature: Wood stamped effect

If you want to adopt a wood-based effect for your patio or outside area, some companies will offer a wood-stamped concrete flooring effect. This design essentially emulates a wood effect but comes with the strength and durability of a concrete floor. This is an increasingly popular option for those who are looking to mix durability with style.

3. Outdoor Patterned Concrete Flooring


Location: Outside patio
Key Feature: Stone/fragment pattern

Continuing from the durability point, concrete flooring also works exceptionally well outside, as evidenced by this design. This floor design offers a fragmented pattern style which is both smart and durable, meaning it will be able to survive the colder, wetter months. It’s a fantastic alternative to wooden decking and will outlive it by a number of years.

4. Outdoor/Indoor Patterned Concrete Flooring

Polished floors

Location: Kitchen exterior
Key Feature: White finish

This concrete flooring flows seamlessly from interior to exterior and looks very smart while doing so. A smart white finish compliments the decking on the patio. A cultured combination.

5. Marble and Gold Patterned Concrete Flooring

Marble floors

Location: Kitchen exterior
Key Feature: White finish

This concrete flooring does well to match the rest of the interior’s colour scheme. A fine gold trim sets the border for this flooring.

6. Outdoor Patterned Concrete Flooring

Patterned floors

Location: Patio
Key Feature: Tile work

This is another good example of the flooring matching the property’s exterior design.

7. Outdoor Patterned Concrete Flooring

wood style

Location: Garden
Key Feature: Wood-style concrete

This concrete floor has been acid stained which works well with the property’s exterior design.

8. Outdoor Patterned Concrete Flooring

Concrete floor

Location: Patio
Key Feature: Grey two-tone colours

This concrete floor would work well both inside and outside of any property. The two-tone grey colour scheme offers a smart look coupled with the gravel next to it.

9. Overlayed Patterned Concrete Flooring

cobble pattern

Location: Patio
Key Feature: Cobble pattern

This flooring is a good example of how concrete can create a stone/cobble effect.

10. Outdoor Patterned Concrete Flooring

Outdoor Patterned Concrete Flooring

Location: Patio
Key Feature: Size and design

This concrete flooring stretches across what looks to be the back of the house. It also incorporates two design elements: tiled concrete and a stone-brick border. The colour scheme works very well in conjunction with the rest of the property’s design.

Polished Concrete Flooring Designs

Polished concrete flooring has been growing in popularity for quite some time now and it’s no wonder why. It’s a timeless design which is both durable and adaptable, fitting into almost any interior designs. We’ve outlined some of the great examples of polished concrete floors for you to draw inspiration from.

1. Bathroom Mud Polished Concrete Flooring

Marble floor

Location: Bathroom
Key Feature: Adaptability

Adaptability is a word that’s featured whenever we talk about concrete flooring designs, and that’s because this type of flooring will work in every area of your property. Concrete flooring is incredibly durable, which is why many people opt to have fit it in their bathrooms and wet rooms. The charcoal colour works very well with the rest of the stone colours in the bathroom and offers a minimalist design that’s not going out of fashion any time soon.

2. Polished Concrete Flooring (with staining)

indoor concrete

Location: Living room
Key Feature: Lighting

Similar to the design above, this concrete flooring emphasises the lighting and space within the room. The light reflects well of the concrete flooring, making the room appear bigger. Additionally, the colour of the flooring lines up well with the rest of the room’s interior.

3. Polished Concrete Flooring

kitchen floor

Location: Kitchen
Key Feature: Lights

The polished concrete does a good job reflecting the light from the sky lights, which illuminates the room. Additionally, the abstract furniture offers a unique twist on the otherwise grey and steel kitchen design.

4. Full-Paint Chip Concrete Flooring

Location: Patio
Key Feature: Size and design

A fine example of a full-paint chipped concrete floor design. This is a design that’s used in a variety of areas, from kitchen floors to garages”

Marble floor

5. Acid-Wash Polished Concrete Flooring

Location: Patio
Key Feature: Size and design

A stained-wash flooring reflects the light well here. This is a design which is best suited for residential properties because of its smart and stylish finish.

Marble floor

6. Full-Paint Chip Concrete Flooring

living room concrete

Location: Waiting room / lobby
Key Feature: Urban colour scheme

This is a design that works well with darker colours, such as browns, greys and blacks.

7. Polished Pearlescent Concrete

Patterned floor

Location: Bathroom
Key Feature: Multi-coloured

Although we can’t see where exactly this concrete flooring has been taken from, we know that the design is popular within bathrooms. The multi-coloured acid staining is very popular in wet rooms and

8. Stained Ocean-esq Concrete Flooring

polished and coloured concrete flooring

Location: Bathroom
Key Features: Ocean-esq design

This design stuck out because of its ocean-like design, and although the image shows the floor being used in a kitchen, it would work equally as well (if not better) in a bathroom.

9. Family Crest Concrete Flooring

concrete designed

Location: Entrance hall
Key Feature: Family/bespoke crest

If customers require a particular pattern design (such as a family crest), they will have to supply the contractor with the stencil beforehand. As seen in this design, the crest has been stenciled in and then sealed with a polished finish. Such designs are very popular in entrance halls and lobbies.

10. Stained Ocean-esq Concrete Flooring

acid stain

Location: Open-plan
Key Feature:

Striking blue colour scheme
Similar to the previous ocean-esq design, this flooring would be best suited in a wet room or bathroom because of its colour. It’s another fine example of acid stained concrete.

Tiled Concrete Flooring Designs

We’ve handpicked some of our favourite tiled concrete flooring options below.

1. Corporate Concrete Flooring

concrete tiles

Location: Waiting room / lobby
Key Feature: Smart tiled effect

Unlike the previous polished floor effects, here we’re seeing a fine example of tiled concrete. The charcoal and white pentagon design is quirky and unique. These types of designs work well in corporate businesses.

2. B/W Tiled Concrete Flooring

concrete tiles 2

Location: Anywhere!
Key Feature: A timeless design

This is one of the more traditional concrete flooring designs. Comprised of black and white tiles, this design suits almost every room due to its universal appeal and timeless finish. While it has been used to enhance a hallway in this image, it will also suit kitchens, bathrooms and entrance halls.

3. Large-Scale Outdoor Tiled Concrete

Outside concrete floor

Location: Interior/exterior
Key Feature: Smart interior/exterior

This is a fine example of concrete flooring merging between the interior and exterior of a property. It goes to show that concrete flooring can work both inside and outside and the surrounding furniture works well to complement the stone grey colour scheme.

4. Large-Scale Tiled Concrete Flooring

big concrete tiles

Location: Outdoor patio
Key Feature: Smooth stone design

Stone is a very popular colour for outdoor concrete design, as evidenced by the image. The large tiles are a smart addition to the design, giving the impression that the area is bigger than it actually is.

5. Garden Tiled Concrete Flooring

concrete steps

Location: Garden
Key Feature: Shape and structure

This concrete flooring design has been shaped to fit the space of the garden. It’s an elegant addition and allows for furniture to be utilised here (if preferred). It may be difficult to see how this flooring is tiled, but there are subtle splits in the design that show how it’s been put together.

6. Shaped Tiled Concrete Flooring


Location: Patio
Key Feature: Fantastic for garden furniture

What makes this concrete flooring design unique is both its shape and matching colour scheme with the furniture. It also offers a great outside lounging area from the conservatory.

7. Stained Tiled Concrete Flooring

acid stain concrete

Location: Swimming pool
Key Feature: Acid wash design

Swimming pool areas will always benefit with having a concrete or marble floor. This design makes use of the acid wash effect and provides a stark contrast with the blue pool.

8. Simple Tiled Concrete Flooring

tiles concrete

Location: Garden
Key Feature: Simplicity

This concrete flooring option looks as if it was installed in order to act as a halfway conservatory. It’s perfect for furniture and even a bar.

9. Interior Concrete Flooring

indoor tiles

Location: Hallway
Key Feature: Historic design

This design looks very archaic, in that it’s a muted charcoal colour with rough edges (literally!). This type of concrete designs are very smart and suit farmhouse properties particularly well.

10. Stained Kitchen Concrete Flooring

indoor tiles

Location: Kitchen
Key Feature: Large tiles

This kitchen flooring combines a tiled design with a polished finish. As you can see, it reflects the light very well and also matches the rest of the interior. Large tiles also add space to the room.

Concrete flooring today is far more versatile and stylish than it was 20 years ago. With technology improving every day, concrete flooring will continue to evolve, offering people the chance to implement their own designs to create a timeless, unique design. If you’re looking for more advice on concrete flooring, or you’re thinking about upgrading your property’s interior, why not give our team a call today? We’re always on-hand to answer any questions and queries you may have.

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