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Professional Resin Flooring in the North West

Concrete Flooring Solutions offers sturdy resin flooring systems across the North West, perfect for your warehouse, factory, retail space, or office. We handle the entire process, from design to manufacturing to installation, constructing high-end resin floors from epoxy, polyurethane, and several other options. We can add special benefits like anti-slip or chemical resistance to your commercial or industrial property. Whatever your needs in terms of a resin floor in the North West, Concrete Flooring Solutions are available to offer you a pristine, durable floor.

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A Construction Worker Apply Epoxy Resin In An Industrial Hall

What Are the Benefits of a Resin Floor in the North West?

Whether you are in Cheshire, Lancashire, or Greater Manchester, our custom-fitted resin floors offer amazing benefits to a variety of locations and businesses, be they commercial or industrial. Resin flooring is a comparatively low-cost solution, offering sturdy and long-lasting flooring systems, with little need for maintenance and repair. 

It can be installed quickly, reducing the interruptions to your business compared to other flooring types. It is also easy to clean, saving your business time and labour over the lifespan of your resin floor. Resin is perfect for a wide variety of locations, both indoor and outdoor. In recent years our team have installed resin floors for Amazon, Formula 1, and Ikea. 

Concrete Flooring Solutions have become a market leader in resin flooring nationwide due to our reliability, our range of options, and our competitive pricing. We utilise lean construction principles and sustainable practices throughout our business, and we are the UK’s only provider of both concrete flooring and resin flooring. This streamlined process saves our customers both money and time, allowing them to deal with one reliable company throughout the entire process. 

Our professional resin flooring contractors bring over 40 years of experience to their work, laying your new epoxy flooring quickly and accurately.

Your Options for Resin Flooring in the North West

Our team across the North West offer a wide range of resin floor coatings suited to professional environments. Whatever features you need, be that anti-slip, heat resistance, or U.V. resistance, we will have high-quality options suited to your industrial or retail location.

Here is a selection of our resin flooring options in the North West:

  • Epoxy Resin Flooring: A plastic-like substance, epoxy resin will be installed over a concrete base. It self levels, giving a perfectly flat look in a wide range of colours. Epoxy resin flooring is a durable choice, suited to foot traffic, vehicle use, and machinery. As such, it can be used as both commercial and industrial flooring, in locations like a shopping centre with high foot traffic, or a car showroom with regular vehicle use. Epoxy resin is simple to clean and offers strong hygiene.
  • Polyurethane Resin Flooring: A heavy-duty option, Polyurethane resin offers both temperature resistance and U.V. resistance.  This makes it suited to heated indoor environments like factories and outdoor environments. Like an epoxy resin floor, it is easy to clean and keep hygienic, making it suitable for a laboratory environment or commercial kitchen.
  • Cementitious Urethane Flooring: Specifically suited to scientific and industrial flooring, cementitious urethane flooring offers excellent temperature resistance whilst remaining impervious to liquid. A cementitious urethane floor will be easy to clean and offers slip resistance.
  • Methyl Methacrylate Flooring: Our fastest curing resin floor, methyl methacrylate can be ready for use within hours. If you need a resin floor in the North West fitted on a tight schedule then methyl methacrylate may be the perfect choice for you.

At Concrete Flooring Solutions, we design our resin floors in accordance with the Concrete Society’s report 34. Our team of experienced contractors will install the floor for you, preparing the concrete base with cleaning and sanding. Our epoxy resin flooring systems will be installed in two coats, with additional coats needed for certain styles, and priming coats a necessity in select environments.

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Our resin floors are attractive, durable, and long-lasting. They are perfect for a wide range of professional environments, like laboratories, warehouses, and shopping centres. They can be used in both indoor and outdoor locations, capable of supporting heavy loads.

Concrete Flooring Solutions can produce and install a high-quality resin floor in the North West. Our team are friendly, professional, and succinct. We will work with you to make sure you get the perfect resin floor, at a competitive price.

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