Professional Installations of Pumped Screed Flooring

Concrete Flooring Solutions specialises in providing high-strength, easy-to-clean flooring options for factories, warehouses, retail and residential homes. We are the UK’s only specialist supplier of both resin and concrete flooring, including pumped screed.

If your room requires a smooth foundation for the finalisation of your floor, you may need to screed your floor. Pumped screed is an excellent way to level out an uneven flooring. It is also a common technique used for a final floor finish.

If you are looking to install pumped screed flooring in any space, get in touch with our expert technicians who are available to discuss any ideas and receive your entirely bespoke quote.

What is Pumped Screed & Where is it Used?

Pumped screed is a development on traditional sand and cement screed, which is typically mixed and applied by hand. Pumped screed is a much quicker and easier way of installing screed and can also be used to lay different variations rather than just your traditional sand and cement. 

Using a concrete screed pump can efficiently mix larger volumes of screed in a shorter amount of time and enable the mixture to be mixed consistently, distributing the elements evenly throughout the sand. Using pumped screed in comparison to hand mixing and applying traditional screed by hand makes for a superior quality finish and higher efficiency during installation. 

Who Can Benefit From Pumped Screed?

Pumped screed possesses unbeatable versatility when it comes to floor coatings. Pumped screeds can be installed in industrial, domestic and commercial spaces including:

  • Universities

Pumped screeds have been installed in universities due to their easy-to-clean, hardwearing and consistently modern aesthetic properties. Pumped liquid screed can be customised with colours, logos and motifs perfect for universities.

  • Retail spaces

Due to its durability and naturally smooth finish, pumped screed is often used in retail spaces as it is easy to clean and can be installed with additional anti-slip features.

  • Showrooms
    Pumped screed is often used in vehicle showrooms as it has a naturally reflective and smooth surface which is a huge design style which is used to benefit a showroom. Pumped screed is also oil resistant and not tarnishable by aviation fluids or petrol and diesel.

Pumped screeds are often used in commercial and industrial spaces such as schools, food industry kitchens, garages and showrooms and many more. Pumped screed is a chemical-resistant, easy to clean and extremely durable material, meaning that most spaces can benefit from the installation of a pumped screed floor coating.

Pumped Liquid Screed

Also known as self-levelling screed or self-smoothing screed, liquid screed contains no cement in its make-up and is pumped for installation, it is typically available in two different compounds; calcium sulphate or anhydrite-based materials. It is applied in liquid form which expands itself out over the assigned area and will self-level and dry to form a solid within 24 hours of application. Liquid screed is also self-compacting, meaning that less material and thickness can be pumped and it will still produce a smooth and levelled covered site.

If you are looking to install a pumped screed flooring over an underfloor heating system, liquid screed is extremely useful at conducting heat which makes it the perfect choice to be laid over pipework. It also possesses low shrinking features which means that there is minimal risk of cracking and curling once installed and dried.

Is Pumped Screed the Same as Concrete?

Not to be confused with concrete, screed is a much thinner layer of materials which is usually poured and levelled over the base of an already installed floor to create a smooth and strong layer. Screed is not imperative to a foundation, however, it is being used more frequently and for a number of reasons due to it having a much quicker settling and drying time.

We have a variety of pumped screeding types available for our customers. Each has its own benefits and is suitable for different uses, so the type appropriate for your particular project will most likely differ, depending on what you are looking for.

Get Your Installation Underway 

All projects and installations completed by Concrete Flooring Solutions can be made entirely bespoke to each individual site that requires service. We specialise in providing hard-wearing, durable and attractive pumped screed that can be made and applied to match your exact requirements. Therefore, each installation that we provide will have a different price point.

Due to the fact that we use nothing but the best materials, you can be confident that you are receiving the most cost-effective service as your new screed flooring installation will be built to last by our expert craftsmen.

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