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Our experienced team specialises in supplying concrete flooring for warehouses across the UK. Our team of surveyors, craftsmen and designers has over 40 years’ experience laying concrete floors to the highest specifications & tolerance..


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Why Choose Us to Lay Your Warehouse Floor?

With over four decades of experience laying concrete flooring, we’re one of the most experienced and longest serving concrete contractors in the UK. Our team uses the latest technology to ensure labour time is swift and cost-effective. We’re always on-hand to answer any questions or address any changes before, during and after your warehouse floor project.

All our designs are in accordance with The Concrete Society’s Technical Report 34 which has become the industry standard for concrete industrial ground floors.

Warehouse Flooring that’s Durable and Versatile

Warehouse flooring commonly has to bear heavy loads and be capable of handling constant heavy foot and machine traffic. This means the flooring required for warehouses must be able to withstand years of abuse. Our concreting techniques not only achieve the highest flatness tolerance, but guarantee a solid, durable finish.

There are no second chances with laying concrete floor. We strongly suggest opting for a company with enough experience to complete the job first time. Mistakes in laying concrete flooring will not only seriously hamper the completion time but will also cost money to rectify.

Our Warehouse Flooring Planning Process

We take time to talk with each customer to understand what their requirements and expectations are before the project begins. We will address the size of your warehouse as well as the type of concrete flooring you require (and design requirements, if you desire).

You can rest assured that your warehouse floor project is is good hands with our experienced contractors. We are able to pour single area slabs of up to 2,500m2 and lay them to the highest flatness tolerance. Flood pour, or wide bay construction are also offered to ensure your warehouse flooring is completed to a high standard.

High Quality Guaranteed

Poorly laid concrete flooring can be costly to rectify. Our team have more than enough experience to lay your warehouse flooring to an exceptionally high standard.

One of the main problems we have encountered in warehouse flooring are surface issues. However, this can be rectified using premised powders (which offer greater abrasion resistance).

Our Concrete Finishes for Warehouses

We offer a three primary finishes that will transform the look and accessibility of your warehouse:

Brush Finishes

Although brushed finishes are not commonly used in warehouses, there’s no reason we cannot offer this service. This finish is most appropriate for those who are looking to adopt a non-slip surface (car parks commonly use brushed finishes).

Brushed finishes are obtained by pulling a wire concrete brush across the surface of freshly laid concrete.

Dust Topping

Dust topping is a popular choice as it offers the ability to add a hint of colour (where permitted). A spreader is used to apply the dust, before it’s finished with a power-float vehicle.

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Concreting your warehouse floor is made easy with CFS. Our team are able to lay concrete flooring to the highest flatness tolerance in any warehouse. For more information on how we can help you, why not give our team a quick call now?

We’re always on-hand to offer helpful advice on any concrete project, no matter the size.

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