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Rapid-Curing MMA Epoxy Flooring

We are expert installers of high-quality MMA epoxy flooring for commercial, industrial and pharmaceutical clients. With years of experience delivering quality resin flooring systems, we are the go-to choice for a comprehensive service that promises exceptional results every time.

MMA epoxy flooring has the unique benefit of an unbeatable cure time, with installation able to be completed in just a weekend. Hard-wearing and able to withstand heavy usage, MMA epoxy flooring is an excellent flooring solution for a range of spaces.

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What is MMA Epoxy Flooring?

MMA epoxy flooring, also known as polymethyl methacrylate, is a type of epoxy resin floor covering. The same kind of material is also used in the making of perspex and plexiglass. 

MMA resin is referred to as ‘thermoplastic,’ meaning it can be easily altered. The chemical bond is structured in an interlayered pattern which allows it to be easily changed. Because of this, it’s a simple process to repair and upgrade an MMA epoxy flooring system. 

This easily upgradable element is what makes MMA resin such a popular floor coating choice for industrial clients.

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The Benefits of MMA Resin Flooring

MMA resin flooring comes with a range of fantastic benefits. Its main appeal is the exceptionally rapid cure time, making it ideal for clients who need as little downtime for their space as possible.

As well as this unique advantage, MMA resin comes with all the other benefits of epoxy resinous flooring:

  • Incredibly durable and abrasion-resistant
  • Able to withstand constant foot traffic and heavy machinery
  • Excellent health and safety properties: wipe-cleanable and anti-slip
  • Highly paintable and customisable: you can work with our design team to tailor your floor to you
  • Can have enhanced slip-resistance and chemical-resistance properties added
  • Insulated from electricity

What Spaces Are Best Suited to an MMA Resin Floor?

Because of its many benefits and its versatility, MMA resin is a great floor finish for concrete floors in a number of settings:

  • Industrial spaces: MMA resin is incredibly strong and can be tailored or upgraded to the unique needs of any industrial space. Whether you need added heat resistance or electrical resistance, MMA resin can accommodate this. 
  • Warehouses: Factories or warehouses that need a floor able to withstand heavy impacts and drops can greatly benefit from heavy-duty MMA resin.
  • Garages: MMA flooring can easily hold heavy vehicles and high traffic without breaking, making it ideal for large garage spaces.
  • Clinics, laboratories and medical facilities: MMA resin is exceptionally hygienic, able to be easily wiped clean. Constant use of heavy chemicals, whether from cleaning or laboratory spillages, is no problem for this resin. If your space requires the highest level of cleanliness at all times, MMA epoxy resin can give you this.

How We Install Your New MMA Epoxy Flooring System

Our expert installers work efficiently to get your resin flooring finished in as little time as possible, with no corners cut. Your finished product will be absolutely seamless.

MMA epoxy resin can be rendered fully usable in just one weekend, minimising disruption and downtime. We are proud of our commitment to producing as little waste as possible during the construction process.

Before we install the MMA resin finish, we ensure that your concrete floor is properly prepared. To get a clean, level surface to pour the resin over, we need to ensure the surface is free of all dust and debris. 

If your floor needs a little extra work to ensure this, we use one of the following techniques:

  • Shot blasting: Here, we use an abrasive material in order to get a smooth floor surface.
  • Diamond grinding: This technique uses a special grinding machine to get the surface completely level.
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What Does an MMA Epoxy Flooring Installation Cost?

Due to the incredibly fast cure time of MMA epoxy flooring, the cost is a little higher than other types of epoxy resin. Additional costs may be involved if your floor requires a lot of surface preparation work before the resin can be poured. 

We are always open with our costs and involve you in every part of the process, so you know exactly what you’re paying for and why. Throughout our installation process, we work to minimise waste and use as few materials as possible. Our methods are sustainable and cost-effective. 

Our installers are highly trained and use advanced materials, getting you the best epoxy resin flooring system that money can buy. Our construction methods are industry approved, recognised by The Association of Concrete Industrial Flooring Contractors.

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We work with our clients to tailor each flooring project and each refurbishment project to their unique needs. Whatever the requirements of your space or the limits of your budget, we’ll work with you to accommodate them.

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