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Pristine and Hard-Wearing Car Showroom and Dealership Flooring

Concrete Flooring Solutions understand that a huge part of a successful car showroom is the quality of the showroom floor. An auto-dealer showroom needs an attractive, light reflecting flooring that gives an air of effortless luxury. Prospective customers expect to see beautiful new vehicles displayed on polished, sophisticated floors. The appeal of a showroom floor is reflective of the quality and opulence of the automobiles.

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Polished Concrete in Car Showrooms

Polished concrete is ideal for needing to withstand the movement of vehicles as well as being aesthetically appealing. High-traffic flooring needs to be able to endure regular footfall with no problem, making sure that your surface also provides safety and slip-resistant properties for the constant movement in your showroom. 

For commercial spaces, polished concrete paint options can be a vital security feature that closes off areas and different facets of the space. For example, if an area of your showroom needs to be cordoned off for any reason, polished concrete will allow you to do this with specific concrete paint.

Polished concrete floor can be mixed and designed to perfectly enhance your car dealer showroom. Choosing polished concrete for your car showroom means that you can guarantee the following:

  • Assortment of colours, branding and design options
  • Stress-free cleaning and maintenance
  • Choice of suitable finishes, e.g matte, satin or gloss
  • High-quality durability

Polished concrete is one of the most suitable flooring options for your car showroom flooring as its abrasion resistant, anti-slip, chemical resistant, beautifully decorative and possesses many more benefits, ideal to create a luxurious, yet practical, car dealership showroom.

Resin Flooring in Car Showrooms

One of our most heavy-duty and low-maintenance flooring services is epoxy resin flooring. Known for its durability and practicality, epoxy resin flooring is used widely across industrial flooring in warehouses, factories and showrooms. Its practicality is enhanced by the polished appearance which can be used to your advantage as a design feature when displaying vehicles. When purchasing a car from a showroom, customers want to see shiny new cars reflected off a high-performance, pristine resin floor.

Epoxy resin flooring for your car dealership showroom is a considerate choice which symbolises the level of professionalism and allows you to choose from colours and designs to be easily recognised from the flooring. Resin’s high-shine, deep finish creates a luxury look that can be created uniquely for your requirements.

Similarly to polished concrete flooring, properties such as being anti-slip, high-traffic resistant and easy to clean, resin also withstands the weight of automobiles and can be forgiving to spills of oil or chemical spills of any kind. Epoxy resin floor also possesses the following qualities:

  • Anti-static
  • Low-maintenance
  • Choice of painting and colours
  • Temperature resistant

Our resin flooring will be installed expertly with all of your requirements considered and you can ensure that your car showroom will have a premium quality flooring that combines strength and durability alongside an elegant finish.

Why Choose Concrete Flooring Solutions?

We are a passionate business full of people with expert technical knowledge and experience used to deliver the absolute best. Concrete Flooring Solutions deliver safe, accurate and budget-friendly floor installation with long-lasting results. 

Our services have massively improved due to our focus on innovative technology in recent years. We specialise in designing and constructing high tolerance power floated heavy-duty flooring perfect for your car dealership showroom.

How Much Will Your Car Showroom Cost?

Due to all of our bespoke flooring installations being made to suit your specifications, the price of any installation will depend on your car showroom floor’s requisites. Our installed floor cost is calculated per square metre, therefore your car showroom’s dimensions will determine the price of your installation.

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We provide flooring which can be designed to perfectly commend your showroom. In order to display your vehicles in the best way possible, your car showroom flooring requires a material that is smooth, stylish and able to withstand the weight of heavy vehicles. 

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