Concrete Flooring Solutions supply bespoke concrete flooring services to our customers across Brighton.

It can sometimes be difficult choosing which concrete flooring design is appropriate for your commercial or residential property. That’s why our team are here to help. We offer expert advice regarding your concrete flooring options. With a variety of design options to choose from, our team guarantees you’ll find a solution for your flooring needs.

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    Our team specialise in both commercial and residential properties, so whatever your requirements are, our team will be happy to offer their expertise. Simply give us a call or contact us through our contact form to be put in touch with one of our friendly members of staff.

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    The Services We Provide in Brighton

    Concrete Flooring Solutions provide a variety of concrete flooring options, from industrial to polished concrete, we’re sure to have a solution for you. Each of our concrete flooring options has been designed to serve a certain purpose. For example, our industrial concrete has been designed to withstand high amounts of foot traffic and constant pressure. This type is usually seen in multi-storey car parks and lining roads and pavements. Polished concrete, however, is now being used in residential properties because of its smart finish and durability.

    At Concrete Flooring Solutions, we’re here to help you choose the flooring that best suits your needs. We have outlined our four primary concrete flooring options in Brighton below:

    • Industrial Concrete Flooring
    • Commercial Concrete Flooring
    • Residential and Domestic Concrete Flooring
    • Polished Concrete

    If you’d like to know more about our bespoke concrete flooring options, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly members of staff today on 0845 517 9193 or fill out our contact form here.

    We Provide a Variety of Concrete Flooring Options in Brighton

    Our team at Concrete Flooring Solutions work closely with all our customers to ensure they find a concrete flooring design that fits their requirements in Brighton. We understand that many of our customers don’t understand the concrete flooring process, which is why our team will explain your options in detail and will be contactable throughout your concrete flooring process.

    We have outlined the details for each of the concrete flooring options we offer in Brighton below:

    Industrial Concrete Flooring Available in Brighton

    Our industrial concrete is made from the highest grade, ensuring the durability and finish is high quality. Industrial concrete remains the most widely-used concrete flooring option on the market because it’s been around for so long. It’s used to lay multi-storey car parks, city pavements and other industrialised areas that see high amounts of foot traffic.

    Our industrial concrete can be built on grade or suspended depending on the structure of the building.

    If you would like to know more about our industrial flooring and the services we are proud to provide, click here.

    Commercial Concrete Flooring Services Available in Brighton

    Commerical concrete flooring is commonly used in restaurants, warehouses and department stores. It’s thought to offer a more ‘professional’ look in comparison to industrial concrete. As the name suggests, it’s used in commercial properties and it’s durable and very easy to maintain and clean.

    To find out more about our concrete flooring solutions, click here or call our team today.

    Residential and Domestic Concrete Flooring Available in Brighton

    Residential concrete is used to improve the aesthetics of your home. This may be in the form of polished concrete or other types of concrete that are known to enhance a property’s appearance.

    If you would like to find out more about our residential and domestic concrete flooring services in Brighton, call our team today or click here.

    Polished Concrete Flooring in Brighton

    Polished concrete is becoming increasingly popular due to several reasons. Polished concrete is not only durable, but it looks fantastic in residential properties. Polished concrete is commonly seen in art galleries, restaurants, and homes.

    If you’ve been looking for the best polished concrete flooring solution available in Brighton, why not get in touch with us and find out more by clicking here.

    Composite Metal Decking Available in Brighton

    Composite metal decking is one of the easier concrete flooring options to install because unlike traditional concrete, it isn’t poured. Composite metal decking is slotted into the floor, meaning labour time is faster. If you’re looking for a quick and efficient concrete flooring option in Brighton, composite metal decking may by the choice for you.

    To find out about our composite metal decking and why it is so popular with our customers in Brighton, call our team today or click here for more information.

    Our Concrete Flooring Standards

    All of our concrete flooring designs adhere to The Concrete Society’s Technical Report 34 – the industry standard for concrete industrial ground floors.

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