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Concrete Floor Insulation Solutions in the UK

A well-insulated concrete floor will result in a much warmer overall building. A lot of houses, especially older builds, have concrete floors that could massively benefit from insulation. Concrete is one of the coldest feeling materials that you can have in your home, and while this may be refreshing for the summer months, it may be less ideal in the UK’s famously brutal winters.

Concrete Flooring Solutions are the leading specialists in the UK for both concrete and resin flooring installations. With a portfolio of industrial, domestic and commercial spaces, we install over 180,000m2 of flooring each year, ensuring that your concrete flooring project is in safe hands.

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How We Insulate a Concrete Floor

When insulating a concrete floor, it is important to install a damp-proof membrane between the solid floor and the insulation. When insulation gets damp, the insulating properties are reduced which can then cause further damage to your floor and your home.

When insulating a concrete floor, the insulation can either be installed above or below the concrete:

Insulating Above a Concrete Floor

Insulating above your concrete floor is beneficial as it is an easier job to undertake. Once the concrete floor has already been laid, there is no need to excavate and relay the existing concrete. Additionally, the insulation that is above the concrete will result in the room warming up more quickly, but will also allow it to cool down faster.

When installing insulation on top of an existing concrete floor, the most common method is to apply a damp-proof membrane onto the concrete, followed by the insulation. Then the moisture-resistant chipboard or concrete screed will be installed, which can then be covered by the flooring with any finishing preferences.

Insulating Below a Concrete Floor

Generally, insulating below a concrete floor is the best way to install insulation. It will allow the concrete will help to absorb the heat much better, whilst also preventing the room from overheating.

When installing insulation below a concrete floor, the most common method is to form an infill over the surface, such as sand which will prevent anything from breaking through the next layer. Similarly to insulating above the concrete floor, a damp-proof membrane will need to be laid atop the sand to create an airtight membrane. Lastly, your insulation can be laid and secured by concrete over the top, which can then be covered by your chosen flooring and any finishes.

The Benefits of a Concrete Insulated Floor

The benefits of floor insulation can be significant. From saving money to increasing comfort in your home, insulated concrete flooring has a range of benefits:

  • Reduce heat loss

10 – 20% of heat loss from a building can be through the floors if they are not insulated to a reasonable standard. Insulating your floor properly means that you keep more heat inside the house.

  • Cost-effective

Though insulating your floors make seems like a large task, the payout for it will be worthwhile. By correctly insulating concrete floors you reduce the amount of energy you use while keeping more heat inside your home.

  • Low maintenance

Once installed, floor insulation is entirely maintenance-free.

  • Future-proof your home

Unlike many new builds, older homes are unlikely to have been fitted with floor insulation when they were first built, therefore investing in floor insulation can bring your house up to date, improve your EPC ratings and increase the value of your home.

Why Choose Concrete Flooring Solutions

We provide high-quality, easy-to-clean flooring options for factories, retailers, warehouses, office properties and residential homes. With over 4 decades of experience and a team of dedicated specialists, we are able to apply our technical knowledge, experience and resources to every project.

Driven by a commitment to continuously improve our trade, we embrace new and innovative methods to improve efficiency and enhance client value and satisfaction. Some of the services offered by Concrete Flooring Solutions include:

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Underfloor heating option

Polished concrete allows for underfloor heating to be installed as concrete works as an excellent heat conductor and is easy to pour over an underfloor heating system. Polished concrete also benefits from solar gain, as the material will absorb and hold the heat.

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How Much Does a Polished Concrete Flooring Installation Cost?

The cost of your concrete floor will depend on the size of your polished concrete floor (cost per square meter), the volume and type of cement required and the labour of our polished concrete floor contractors.

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