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Ensure Safety and Compliance with Concrete Flooring Solutions

In the world of industrial operations, safety and compliance are non-negotiable. Having secure and regulation-compliant flooring in your industrial space is of critical importance. Ensuring a safe working environment is not just a legal obligation, it also impacts productivity and employee well-being.

With our unwavering commitment to safety, we offer top-of-the-line concrete flooring solutions tailored to the needs of the industrial sector. Our expertise and dedication have earned us recognition from leading industry bodies, making us a trusted partner for numerous industrial clients.

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How We Safeguard Your Industrial Space

At Concrete Flooring Solutions, safety is at the core of everything we do. With decades of experience in the concrete flooring industry, our team is well-versed in the specific safety challenges faced by the industrial sector.

Our flooring solutions are designed to meet and exceed industry regulations, offering finishing options tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s a high-traffic manufacturing facility or a hazardous environment, we have the expertise to provide concrete flooring that ensures a safe and compliant workspace for your employees.

Enhancing Safety with Slip-Resistant Concrete Flooring

Safety is paramount in any industrial environment, and slip resistance is a crucial aspect of ensuring a secure workplace for your employees. We offer a range of slip-resistant options to meet the specific needs of your industrial space.

Our slip-resistant finishes are specifically designed to enhance traction, reducing the risk of accidents caused by slips and falls. Whether it’s a wet floor or an area prone to spills, our concrete flooring solutions provide the necessary protection to keep your workplace safe.

Brush Finishing

Industrial spaces demand unique and durable finishes to meet their specific requirements. Brush finishes provide both aesthetic appeal and functionality. This finish is achieved by skillfully pulling a wire concrete brush across the surface of freshly levelled concrete, creating an abrasive texture.

The resulting non-slip surface is particularly beneficial for high-traffic areas where safety is of utmost importance. Beyond safety, brush finishes can add character and uniqueness to industrial spaces, enhancing their overall appeal.

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Safety First With Concrete Flooring Solutions

Our commitment to safety begins with a thorough understanding of industry guidelines and best practices. We adhere to The Concrete Society’s Technical Report 34, which sets the industry standards for concrete floors. By following these stringent guidelines, we ensure that our concrete flooring is not only durable and functional but also meets the safety requirements of diverse industrial settings.

In industrial sectors, where heavy foot traffic and machinery use are common, maintaining the integrity of the concrete floor is essential to prevent safety hazards. Our experienced team excels in addressing the unique safety concerns of industrial environments, providing tailored solutions that enhance slip resistance and fire retardancy where necessary.

Our Core Health and Safety Values

At Concrete Flooring Solutions, safety is our top priority in every aspect of our business. We understand the critical importance of ensuring the health and well-being of our employees, contractors, visitors and the public. As an industrial company, you can rely on our unyielding commitment to health and safety standards.

Our team is fully committed to meeting the relevant statutory requirements, ensuring compliance with health, safety, and welfare regulations. We maintain safe working environments that minimise risks and hazards, safeguarding everyone connected to our work activities.

Our dedication to safety extends to the use of safe working methods, maintenance of equipment, and routine inspections and examinations to ensure safety and reliability. We also communicate our Health and Safety Policy to all stakeholders, making it freely available to customers and the public.

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Elevate Safety Standards with Concrete Flooring Solutions

Our expertise, honed over 40 years in the industry, has enabled us to deliver high-quality concrete flooring solutions that prioritise safety without compromising on efficiency. 

From slip-resistant options to meeting industry regulations, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your industrial space remains a safe and productive environment.

Don’t let safety concerns disrupt your operations. Get in touch with our experts today to discuss your specific requirements and discover how we can transform your industrial space.