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Enhance Industrial Operations With Our Concrete Flooring

In the fast-paced world of industrial operations, downtime and disruption can pose significant challenges for factory owners and managers. Ensuring a smooth workflow and uninterrupted productivity is paramount to meeting tight deadlines and maintaining profitability.

Our concrete flooring services are tailored to address the specific needs of the industrial sector, offering durable, efficient, and high-quality solutions to enhance your industrial operations. 

Our team of seasoned professionals will work closely with you to understand your requirements and provide you with bespoke solutions that align with your working goals.

Expert Solutions You Can Trust

Concrete Flooring Solutions stands as the UK’s leading specialist in delivering top-tier concrete and resin flooring solutions for a diverse client base, spanning industrial and commercial sectors. Our esteemed reputation has been further endorsed by The Association of Concrete Industrial Flooring Contractors, recognising our unparalleled project expertise.

With four decades of hands-on experience, we have solidified our position as industry leaders, installing over 180,000m2 annually. Embracing innovation at every turn, our team remains at the forefront of cutting-edge design and construction techniques.

Swift Solutions for Seamless Operations

Our team excels in the implementation of a time-efficient service, ensuring that your installation is completed swiftly without sacrificing the exceptional quality we are renowned for. We have perfected our installation process to minimise disruption to your operations, meaning that you can focus on resuming business swiftly and smoothly.

With our expertise and efficient methods, you can rest assured that you will experience a seamless transition during installation, sparing you from extended downtime and unnecessary inconvenience.

Timber formwork with metal reinforcement to create a concrete foundation

Your Peace of Mind Is Our Priority

Our concrete flooring solutions go above and beyond to meet the highest safety standards and regulations. We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of safety features including slip-resistant and fire-retardant options, ensuring a secure working environment for your factory.

Our concrete floors are thoughtfully engineered to prevent slips and falls, mitigating any potential hazards and safeguarding your employee’s well-being. With a solid foundation underfoot, you can focus on operations, knowing that your workforce and business are well protected with our concrete flooring solutions.

Concrete Finishes Tailored to Your Industrial Space

Dust Topping

If you’re looking to enhance friction in an industrial space, our dust toppings are exactly what you need. These finishes provide not only superior friction resistance but also offer the flexibility of customising colours where permitted.

With premise powers applied using a topping spreader and finished with a power-float vehicle, you get a durable and usually appealing solution.

Brush Finishes

For industrial spaces requiring a non-slip surface, brush finishes deliver the perfect solution. By expertly pulling a wire concrete brush across freshly levelled concrete, we create an abrasive finish that enhances traction, making it ideal for spaces that require anti-slip.

brushed finish concrete

Your Ideal Choice for Industrial Spaces

Founded on the principles of teamwork, integrity, and commitment, Concrete Flooring Solutions has become the go-to provider for industrial flooring needs. Led by our dedication, our exceptional services have set us apart in the industry.

As a proud member of the ACIFC, The Association of Concrete Industrial Flooring Contractors, our experience and expertise have been recognised, reaffirming our commitment to excellence.

We embrace innovation and adapt to changing demands. Utilising sustainable practices and lean construction principles, we minimise waste and downtime and maximise efficiency. In turn, we ensure uninterrupted workflows and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Case Studies

Discover how we’ve restored flooring for previous happy clients in these transformative case studies:

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Building a Solid Foundation for Success

Our unwavering commitment to excellence and adherence to the highest industry standards have propelled us to the forefront of the industry. We are ready and equipped to transform your industrial space into a home for productivity and efficiency. 

Contact us now to schedule a consultation with our experienced team, receive a quote or find out more information about your concrete flooring project.