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Slip-Resistant, Compliant Concrete Flooring From the Experts

Ensuring a safe environment for customers and staff should be every commercial business’s top priority, yet many underestimate the importance of compliant, slip-resistant flooring. Lack of proper flooring dramatically increases your risks and liability from injuries, lawsuits, and fines for failing to meet safety regulations.

With over 40 years of experience and floors designed to exceed commercial compliance standards, we offer the perfect solution. Our customised, attractive concrete floors provide reliable slip resistance and ease of maintenance, ensuring compliance and giving you peace of mind.

The High Cost of Non-Compliance

Commercial spaces must comply with strict safety regulations including the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992. These mandate that flooring must be suitable for the intended usage, provide adequate grip, and minimise slips and falls.

Failure to meet compliance exposes businesses to substantial risks. Injuries from slips and falls lead to major liability, as slip and fall claims can be very costly in damages and legal fees. Beyond liability, non-compliance results in enforcement action and fines. In extreme cases, failure to comply can even result in your business being shut down.

Maintaining compliant flooring is clearly critical, yet many commercial spaces cut corners and rely on inadequate floors. This opens the door to accidents, lawsuits, fines, and even potential closure. To avoid these risks, businesses require flooring they can truly trust to meet all compliance standards.

Case Studies

Don’t just take out word for it! Discover how we’ve revitalised multiple spaces for our satisfied clients in these transformative case studies:

We Handle Compliance So You Don’t Have To

Concrete Flooring Solutions specialise in creating customised concrete floors that meet and exceed all safety compliance regulations for commercial spaces. Our concrete flooring is treated with state-of-the-art slip-resistant coatings and textures to prevent dangerous slips and falls.

We analyse your space usage and needs to engineer the optimal combination of concrete durability, aesthetics, and slip resistance. With over 40 years of experience designing compliant flooring, we know all the ins and outs of relevant safety regulations. You can trust us to proactively handle every standard and guideline to take compliance off your shoulders. 

We also use the latest techniques to minimise installation downtime. Along with initial compliance, our low-maintenance floors are built to last, avoiding frequent replacements that disrupt operations.

worker smoothing out freshly poured concrete

Hassle-Free Compliance is Just the Beginning

Our concrete flooring offers numerous advantages beyond just meeting compliance standards. Our floors provide real, tangible value to enhance your business on multiple fronts:

Durable and Long-Lasting Flooring

Our concrete is formulated to endure heavy commercial foot traffic and usage for decades without cracking or degrading. You make a one-time investment in long-term performance.

Cost-Effective and Low Maintenance

With incredible durability and easy maintenance, our concrete provides great value. You reduce expenses on cleaning, upkeep, and frequent replacements.

Minimise Downtime, Maximise Uptime

With rigorous project management and by utilising advanced installation techniques, we develop timelines to limit the facilities and inventory that must go offline.

Customisation for Your Brand Aesthetic

We customise your concrete with specialised finishes, textures, colours, and more to perfectly match your brand identity. Get flooring that visually communicates your brand image.

Attractive, Professional Environment

Our concrete floors can be polished, stained, or finished to create upscale, aesthetically pleasing spaces that impress customers and employees.

Our Compliant Commercial Flooring Process

At CFS, we adopt a meticulous, no-shortcuts approach to ensure every concrete floor meets or surpasses compliance regulations. There is no project too big or small – our team rigorously vets and plans each job.

We put every flooring task through stringent design, engineering, and installation processes focused on achieving perfect regulatory adherence. Using advanced technologies, we analyse your space and needs to create fully customised floors optimised for safety. Our techniques allow flawless pouring and curing of expansive single slabs sized up to 2,500m2.

Our expert team leverages the latest industry methods like flood pouring for efficient coverage. Our tailor-made floors utilise construction techniques ideal for your specific compliance needs. Strict quality control governs each project stage. Our uncompromising processes deliver concrete flooring you can trust to satisfy even the most stringent compliance requirements.

Construction worker levelling a reinforced concrete floor

Don’t Learn the Hard Way: Get Compliant Concrete Flooring

With our concrete floors, you can be sure your business meets all safety regulations without having to monitor updates or dedicate resources to compliance management. Our team handles it all.

Contact us today for your design consultation and quote to turn compliance into a competitive advantage.