mixed concrete being poured onto the ground

Concrete Floors That Withstand Heavy Foot Traffic

Is your retail flooring wearing out too quickly from heavy foot traffic? At Concrete Flooring Solutions, we provide highly durable, long-lasting concrete flooring designed specifically for high-traffic commercial spaces. With over 40 years of expertise, we offer resilient concrete floors that will combine design, function, and long-term cost savings for the benefit of your business.

The Risks of Worn-Down Flooring

Worn floors in high-traffic areas pose safety and image risks. Uneven surfaces and cracks from heavy use cause slip and fall hazards, leading to injuries and lawsuits. Frequent repairs to patch and replace sections disrupt operations, requiring downtime and unplanned costs. Damaged floors also diminish brand image, making spaces appear low quality and turning off customers.

Case Studies

Don’t just take out word for it! Discover how we’ve revitalised multiple spaces for our satisfied clients in these transformative case studies:

No More Frequent Replacements

At Concrete Flooring Solutions, we specialise in creating durable, long-lasting concrete floors that withstand heavy commercial foot traffic. Our expertly installed concrete is densely engineered to resist wear for decades, unlike other flooring materials. This prevents the problems associated with floor damage and repairs.

With custom concrete from CFS, you avoid the liability and disruption from slips and falls, patching, resurfacing, and frequent replacements. Our floors stay smooth and even for the long term.

a worker smooths freshly poured concrete with a metal tool
worker smoothing out freshly poured concrete

Our Technique Results in 4x Stronger Concrete

Our expertly engineered concrete is specifically designed to resist wear and tear in high-traffic areas. We use the highest quality concrete mix to create an incredibly dense, durable surface. This prevents the cracks, pits, and uneven surfaces that develop from heavy use over time.

We also apply the most advanced finishing techniques like power troweling to smooth and densify the concrete. This makes it up to 4 times stronger than standard concrete. This proper concrete curing eliminates weak spots.

For even greater wear resistance, we offer optional steel fibre reinforcement. This adds strength and prevents surface abrasions from developing into cracks. A protective sealer can also be applied for enhanced resistance to marks and scratches.

More Than Just Durability

Our expertly engineered commercial concrete floors offer much more than just unmatched durability. Concrete Flooring Solutions’ custom concrete also provides benefits like:

Ease of Maintenance

Our dense concrete resists stains, spills, and marks by being non-porous, so needs to be cleaned less frequently. This means minimal maintenance for you, keeping operating costs lower than if you had traditional flooring.

Enhanced Safety

The excellent slip resistance of our concrete floors helps prevent falls, protecting your brand image. They’re ADA-compliant for accessibility, and even fire-resistant for improved safety.

Customisable and Visually Appealing

Our concrete flooring offers a high level of customisation to match your brand identity and create an appealing space. We provide a wide selection of stain colours and finish options.

More Value for Your Investment

Due to its long lifespan with minimal repairs required, concrete is one of the most cost-effective flooring solutions for high-traffic areas. There are no costs for frequent refinishing or replacements, saving you money in the long run.

Quick Installation

We use advanced techniques to expedite the installation process so you can get back to business sooner. With our streamlined process and expertise, we can upgrade the flooring in your commercial space with little disruption.

Our Durable Concrete Installation Process

At Concrete Flooring Solutions, we take a straightforward approach to delivering commercial concrete floors engineered specifically for heavy use.

We use an intensive planning process, advanced technologies, and precision techniques to install flooring that will withstand years of heavy foot traffic and equipment with minimal maintenance needed. Our seamless slab pours of up to 2,500 sq metres are precisely levelled to avoid uneven wear over time.

Construction worker levelling a reinforced concrete floor

Secure Long-Lasting Flooring for Your Commercial Space

Get in touch now to transform your commercial space with long-lasting concrete floors engineered to endure high traffic for years to come. Our expert consultants will evaluate your space and need to recommend the perfect concrete solution.