worker smoothing out freshly poured concrete

Keep Your Business Open With Fast Concrete Flooring Installation

Is your retail space in need of new, durable flooring, but you can’t afford the lost revenue and disruption of closing your doors for an extended renovation? Upgrading commercial spaces without impacting daily operations can be a challenge. We offer quickly installed concrete flooring at flexible schedules, allowing you to improve your floors with minimal disruption.

With 40 years of expertise in concrete flooring installation, CFS can upgrade your floors in days, not weeks. Our concrete solutions are made to withstand heavy foot traffic and equipment use, while also offering customised aesthetics to match your brand. Contact us today to get your quote.

How Disruptive Can Concrete Flooring Installation Be?

Typical concrete flooring projects require completely clearing retail spaces and closing for extended periods. Some concrete needs several days of drying time after pouring and finishing. This can equate to significant revenue losses, especially for businesses relying on daily in-person customer traffic.

There’s also the noise, dust and debris inherent to concrete demolition and installation — not ideal for maintaining normal operations. Coordinating contractors and managing the process places additional burdens on business owners.

At Concrete Flooring Solutions, we recognise these challenges. Our optimised installation processes aim to keep disruptions to a minimum.

Case Studies

Don’t just take out word for it! Discover how we’ve revitalised multiple spaces for our satisfied clients in these transformative case studies:

Our Sleek Concrete Flooring With Minimal Disruption

Our experienced teams operate with precision and efficiency to complete jobs quickly. We work closely with you to schedule installations during times that minimise impact, such as overnight or on weekends. Our expertise in concrete flooring allows us to identify the best options like fast-curing resin flooring to accelerate timelines.

Once installation is complete, our concrete floors allow you to reopen for business almost immediately. There are no extended curing times or delays that lead to prolonged closures. You can rapidly get back to serving customers and resume your normal operations.

We also handle the entire installation process – from initial quote to final polish. With CFS as your single point of contact, there’s no need to coordinate with multiple vendors or contractors. We make upgrades seamless so you can focus on running your business.

a worker smooths freshly poured concrete with a metal tool

Get More Than Just Fast Installation

Our concrete flooring also provides a range of benefits that can enhance your retail space long-term:

Incredible Durability

Our concrete floors are highly durable and able to endure heavy foot traffic from customers along with equipment and cart usage. You’ll spend less on repairs and replacements over time.

Enhanced Safety

We apply treatments to increase slip resistance, reducing the likelihood of falls and injuries. This provides a safer environment for both customers and employees.

Low Maintenance

Our concrete has a smooth, non-porous surface that simplifies cleaning processes. You’ll spend less time and money on frequent maintenance.

Cost Savings

Thanks to its long lifespan, our concrete floors provide an excellent return on investment. You’ll save money by avoiding frequent replacements.

Sleek, Modern Aesthetics

Concrete flooring allows for custom stains, textures, and designs. We can create unique floors aligned with your brand image and aesthetic goals.

Our Streamlined Concrete Flooring Process

Concrete Flooring Solutions take a streamlined approach to commercial concrete flooring installation. We aim to make the process smooth and hassle-free for our clients by implementing customised concrete solutions tailored to their exact needs and specifications.

Every project undergoes careful planning and preparation using state-of-the-art technologies. We can pour seamless concrete slabs up to 2,500 sqm and achieve maximum flatness and levelness. Our advanced design capabilities allow us to create floors aligned with each client’s unique requirements.

We utilise the latest techniques like flood pouring to deliver stunning, heavy-duty concrete floors our commercial clients can rely on. Throughout the process, we focus on simplifying and optimising each step to provide concrete flooring executed to the highest standard. Our streamlined approach means high-quality floors designed around our client’s needs, on time and on budget.

Construction worker levelling a reinforced concrete floor

The Concrete Flooring Experts Who Keep You Open

Don’t settle for lacklustre floors or extended closures. Contact our experts today to request a quote for new concrete flooring that will transform your space.

Keep your business open while enhancing your floors with Concrete Flooring Solutions. Our team is ready to deliver long-lasting floors that exceed expectations. Request a consultation now to get started!