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Concrete Flooring in Swindon

If you’re looking for the UK’s trusted concrete flooring company in Swindon, then Concrete Flooring Solutions has to be your #1 choice!

With over 30 years’ experience in the concrete flooring industry, we have extensive knowledge of the concrete flooring industry and our staff have been trained to the highest possible standard. Our team is made up of qualified professionals and the most advanced technology to ensure that we’re on step ahead of our competition in every field.  

Despite the company’s growth over the years, we’re still looking to develop and expand our services to people across the Birmingham and the UK. As soon as you choose Concrete Flooring Solutions to be your concrete flooring company, we can begin transforming your flooring!

Concrete Flooring Services in Swindon

Here at Concrete Flooring Solutions, we specialise in four main concrete flooring finishes. While we understand that certain customers may require bespoke finishes to their flooring, which is why our team will do their utmost to combine or create a concrete finish that matches your specific requirements. If you find that we do not offer the concrete finish you’re looking for, please do let us know!

Below are our other finishes:    

  • Industrial Concrete Flooring     
  • Commercial Concrete Flooring     
  • Residential & Domestic Concrete Flooring     
  • Polished Concrete 

Our Concrete Flooring Options in Swindon

As stated previously, we have 4 primary concrete flooring options here in Swindon. Every project we take-on we complete to the highest possible standard and do our utmost to ensure that we are not disrupting the customer’s day-to-day life. For a more information on the concrete flooring finishes we offer, take a look below: 

Industrial Concrete Flooring

Still one of our most popular finishes, industrial flooring is perfect for large industrial areas where aestheticism comes second to performance. Industrial concrete flooring is both versatile and durable, making it fantastic for garages and large car parks. 

For more information, or to contact us regarding our industrial concrete flooring, click here.         

Commercial Concrete Flooring

Commercial flooring shares certain similarities with industrial concrete flooring, in that both are usually used in the same areas (car parks, industrial areas). The only major difference with commercial concrete flooring is that it’s thought to look slightly more professional. You might see It being used in restaurants. 

For more information, or to contact us regarding our commercial concrete flooring, click here.     

Residential & Domestic Concrete Flooring

If you’re looking to add a bit of colour to your concrete flooring, you may want to consider using residential and domestic concrete flooring. It is commonly seen in restaurants and even in people’s homes! 

For more information, or to contact us regarding our residential and domestic concrete flooring, click here.     

Polished Concrete

Another smart addition to our list is our polished concrete finish. As the name suggetss, polished concrete flooring offers a smart finish that is able to bring light to a room. This is why this flooring is commonly found in art galleries, as it’s able reflect light well and compliment the rest of the room.  

So, if you’re looking to utilise our polished concrete finish within your property, company building or whatever it may be, why not get in touch here? 

Composite Metal Decking

If you’re looking for concrete flooring that’s quick to fit and comes with a smart finish, you might want to consider composite metal decking. As it comes in slabs, it makes it very easy to fit and assemble, meaning it’s the perfect choice for customers who are strapped for time. 

For more information, or to contact us regarding our composite metal decking, click here. 

Design Services

Our designs are in accordance with The Concrete Society’s Technical Report 34 which has become the industry standard for concrete industrial ground floors.     

Our Approach

We always adopt the same approach here at Concrete Flooring Solutions – if the customer is happy, we’re happy! We take pride in our high levels of customer service and we’re so thankful to our team who have developed many fantastic relationships with our customers throughout the years and we know this will continue indefinitely.  

Contact Us Today for Concrete Flooring Services in Swindon

If you’re looking for the UK’s top concrete flooring company, you need look no further! We’re here to make the concrete flooring process easy and stress-free, so give us a call on 0845 592 0083 and see what we can do for you today. Alternatively, you can use our contact form!    

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