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Essex Premier Concrete Flooring Contractors

Concrete Flooring Contractors | Essex

Our team at Concrete Flooring Solutions always aim to provide a professional and affordable service to our customers in Essex. With over 40 years’ experience in the concreting industry, our team are able to complete any concreting project, no matter the size or scale. We will lay your concrete flooring to the highest flatness tolerance, ensuring a smooth, durable finish that can last a lifetime.  

Our Concrete Contracting Services in Essex 

Commercial Concrete Installation

Our team undertake several commercial concreting projects across Essex, providing customers with exceptional flooring at affordable prices. From restaurants and art galleries to shop floors and universities, our team of designers, surveyors and craftsmen are able to lay concrete at the highest flatness tolerance.  

Visit our Polished Concrete page for further information. 

Residential and Domestic Concrete Flooring

Our team regularly perform concrete flooring installation for residential properties across Essex. Polished concrete is a popular choice for residential properties due to its strong durability and professional appearance.  

Visit our Residential and Domestic Concrete Flooring page for further information. 

Industrial Concrete Flooring

Large scale projects for industrial concrete flooring include laying for car parks and other high-traffic areas. We also use a range of finishes for industrial concreting, such as brush finishing (popular in car parks and areas that require non-slip surfaces) and durst topping to offer greater abrasion resistance.  

Visit our Industrial Concrete Flooring page for further information. 

Composite Metal Decking

Composite metal decking offers a bespoke metal structured flooring to help support the top layer of your chosen flooring. Composite flooring is now the standard in the majority of new office and retail builds. This is because composite decking is able to support heavy flooring materials. The slabs used in composite decking are also easy to deliver and install, cutting costs on labour time.  

Visit our Composite Metal Decking page for further information. 

Polished Concrete Floor

One of the most popular concrete flooring services we offer is polished concrete. This type of concrete flooring has made a name for itself due to its versatile and aesthetic design as well as being exceptionally durable and easy to cleanConcrete polishing is able to merge seamlessly with almost any property, providing it has suitable foundations.  

Polished concrete is commonly found in residential and commercial properties. Art galleries, restaurants and shop floors are popular commercial areas. 

For further information about our polished concrete floors in Essex, head to our Polished Concrete page. 

High Quality Guaranteed

Poorly laid concrete flooring is often costly to rectify, so it’s important to go with a concrete contractor with enough experience to complete the job at an exceptional standard. 

All our designs are in accordance with The Concrete Society’s Technical Report 34 which has become the industry standard for concrete industrial ground floors. 

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