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Epoxy resin is one of the most durable floor coatings available for your residential or commercial outdoor space. Outdoor epoxy resin flooring is used to create a durable and hard-wearing foundation which can be custom-made to a variety of colours and designs to suit your specific requirements. 

As well as being durable and long-lasting, epoxy outdoor floor coatings are waterproof and resilient against weeds and other unwanted plant growth, meaning that garden maintenance within the installed areas will not be a problem. Epoxy resin flooring also provides a wheelchair-friendly foundation due to the smooth and polished finish, compared to concrete and stones.

A construction worker renovates balcony floor and spreads watertight resin and glue before chipping and sealing

Why Choose Epoxy Resin For Outdoor Use?

Epoxy resin is the ideal flooring solution for the protection of your outdoor surfaces due to its strength and durability. Pathways and other high-traffic areas of your outdoor environment are prone to wear and tear, however, epoxy resin is designed to be made long-lasting and hard-wearing. Not only is epoxy resin renowned for its strength and durability, it further enhances the aesthetic of your outdoor space by providing a slick and cohesive surface.

A poured resin floor is one of the best flooring systems you can install in your outdoor space because of its fantastic range of benefits:

  • Flexible: Can be installed seamlessly on surfaces with curves and sharp edges.
  • Durable: Load bearing and extremely imperishable against vehicles
  • Customisable: Design, logos and patterns can all be included on the surface of an epoxy resin floor
  • Fast Installation: Your flooring can be used after 24 hours of installation
  • Chemical Resistant: Can be cleaned and power washed
  • UV Resistant: Colour will not fade after exposure to UV

As the UK’s leading specialist provider of both concrete and resin flooring for industrial, commercial and domestic flooring, Concrete Flooring Solutions are your ideal choice if you are looking to enhance your outdoor space with the installation of epoxy resin flooring. The benefits of epoxy resin flooring are endless.

What Can I Use Epoxy Outdoor Floor Coating For?

There are plenty of reasons to use epoxy outdoor floor coating for your residential or commercial space. External resin flooring is typically installed to create a durable floor which has a customisable and decorative aesthetic. 

Our expert designers and installers are ready to install your epoxy resin flooring to enhance any space you require:

Patio: Resin patio designs are becoming more and more popular amongst companies and homeowners in recent years due to their durability, quality and luxury. Resin flooring allows for versatile and natural design which you can use to create a seamless and organic look.

Pool Surround: Resin epoxy flooring is an ideal option for swimming pool areas. Pool sites can get wet, slippery and consequently dangerous, but with resin flooring, you are guaranteed a smooth and safe surface to walk on due to its non-slip properties. Epoxy resin is also resistant to cleaning chemicals, meaning that when necessary, your pool surrounding can be washed without causing any damage.

Hot Tubs: In addition to the option of using epoxy resin for your pool surrounding area, it is also an excellent choice for hot tubs due to its slip-resistant advantage. In addition to the attractiveness of the flooring, the epoxy resin also has a wide range of colour and design options, allowing you to make your hot tub turf even more luxurious.

Balconies: Whether your balcony is an addition to your garden or your sole outdoor living area, resin-bound balconies are certain to create an anti-slip and easy-to-clean outdoor space along with adding an air of beauty and transforming your space.

Driveways: An epoxy resin-bound driveway is a very attractive and practical method to transform the appeal of your driveway. Epoxy resin offers a low-maintenance, smooth finished surface perfect for any vehicle, pram or wheelchair. A unique benefit to using outdoor epoxy resin flooring for your driveway is the moisture control element, meaning that your driveway will be safe from excess water and ice.

Garages: Domestic and industrial garages demand durable and hard-wearing flooring. Epoxy resin flooring is a great option when aspiring for a seamless, smooth finish which is also tough against inevitable wear from human and vehicle traffic. Outdoor epoxy floor paint allows for logos, motifs and branding to be designed onto any finished floor, meaning that you can personalise your outdoor epoxy floor paint however you choose. 

How Much Will My Outdoor Epoxy Resin Floor Cost?

The cost of laying an epoxy resin outdoor floor can change vastly depending on the scope of the area you wish to install. Epoxy resin also offers a wide range of customisable design opportunities, meaning that your flooring can be entirely unique to your home or company. Epoxy resin is one of the most cost-effective options due to the ability to lay over existing concrete – meaning that there is no extra cost of removal.

Please contact Concrete Flooring Solutions to can discuss the options best suited to you and provide you with a personalised quote for your installation.

The worker applies gray epoxy resin to the new floor

Why Choose Concrete Flooring Solutions?

We are the UK’s leading specialists for both concrete and resin flooring for industrial, commercial and domestic customers in the UK. Recognised by The Association of Concrete Industrial Flooring Contractors, you can be sure that your floor installation will be carried out professionally by our expert team.

Concrete Flooring Solutions can install epoxy flooring for outdoor patios, driveways, garages and so much more with top-of-the-line materials to ensure that your outdoor flooring installation keeps its impact throughout its lifetime.

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