Hardwearing and Fuel Resistant Hangar Flooring Coating

Hangars are traditionally used to protect aircraft from the weather, direct sunlight and damage as well as create a space for repair and maintenance. More recently hangars are frequently used to store and display planes. Floor finishes in aircraft hangars benefit from being hard-wearing and easy to clean in order to resist aviation fuels, hydraulic fluids and oils or dropped tools and equipment.

Concrete Flooring Solutions offers an excellent and professional installation of resin floor coating. We use premium-quality materials and advanced technology and machinery to ensure that you are receiving nothing but the best.

If you are looking to install a hard-wearing, chemical resistant and beautifully reflective resin-coated flooring for your aircraft hangar, we are available to discuss your designs and free quote today.

Hangar floor coating

Why Choose Epoxy Resin for Your Aircraft Hangar Floor?

Epoxy resin flooring provides a firm, durable and sleek finish which makes it perfect for installation in commercial, industrial and domestic environments. With its durable, hard-wearing and impact-resistant properties, it is an ideal choice for floor coatings in an environment where large and heavy vehicles are being transported and manoeuvred.

In addition to epoxy resin’s excellent functional qualities, it also possesses a ton of aesthetic merits. You can install clear epoxy resin if you are happy with the existing colour of your floor, or you can choose from multiple stain options and aggregates to alter the final appearance of your resin hangar floor coating.

If you are looking to install epoxy resin, there are a ton of benefits for aircraft hangar flooring in particular:

Fuel Resistant

One of the most beneficial qualities of epoxy resin is its resistance to most liquids. In an environment like a hangar, you need a floor coating which is insusceptible to spills from oils, hydraulic fluids and aviation fuels. Epoxy resin can also be installed with anti-slip coatings to further proof your flooring from any falls.

Easy to Clean

If you are installing epoxy resin for an environment that also acts as part of a showroom, which a hangar does, you want a flooring material that is easy to clean. Epoxy resin is effortless to clean with most chemical solvents and is suitable for hot pressure and jet washers.


Epoxy resin flooring is a material that can produce a beautiful, shiny and minimalistic finish when laid and dried. Epoxy creates a pristine aesthetic due to the naturally seamless and shiny finish. This can then be polished and buffed to emphasise the light reflection and act as a mirror for your space.


Resin coating is relatively cheap to produce with no compromise on quality. Epoxy resin is also extremely durable and long-lasting, therefore will not need regular maintenance and replacement, saving you money in the long run.

How Will Your Hangar Floor Coating Be Installed?

Our expert team will carry out a professional and swift installation of your hangar floor with minimal disruption in keeping with any budgetary restrictions you may have. With 30 years of experience and a genuine passion for what we do, you can be confident that your epoxy floor coating will be designed and installed to the highest standard.

Once plans have been approved, we begin with prepping your foundation. We ensure that the surface is free of all dirt and dust, using advanced technology to check that your existing surface is level.

We pour multiple layers of sealant to secure the structural integrity of your aircraft hangar floor. We will always work as fast as possible with no compromise on quality, making sure to minimise disturbance to your space so that you can enjoy your new floor installation swiftly. 

How Much Will Your Hangar Floor Coating Cost?

Epoxy floors are a highly affordable and cost-effective choice of floor coatings in comparison to other options. Our team is well-versed and conscious of any budgetary requirements that your installation has.

All flooring installed by Concrete Flooring Solutions differs in cost due to the dimensions of an area, meaning that your quote will be entirely bespoke to your space. Regardless of the span or size, we aim to provide the best level of service. We are available to discuss any ideas and any expense queries.

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We provide flooring which can be designed to perfectly commend your hangar. In order to work on, store and display your aircraft in the best way possible, your hangar flooring requires a material that is level, contemporary and able to withstand the weight of heavy vehicles. 

We have a team of hard-working and dedicated experts who are ready to make sure your hangar requirements are met. Get your free, no-obligation quote today.