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October 19th 2018

The global market for concrete admixtures construction chemicals is expected to have a CAGR of 5.40% during the forecast period of 2019-2027

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The global market for concrete admixtures construction chemicals is expected to have a CAGR of 5.40% during the forecast period of 2019-2027. The rise in infrastructural projects such as airports, highways, bridges, dams and wastewater facilities are expected to open new avenues for the market players.

The global concrete admixtures construction chemicals market offers different types of concrete admixtures construction chemicals.The chemical segment was the highest contributor in the global concrete admixtures construction chemicals market.

Chemical admixtures are the admixtures that are added to concrete in a very small amount for a specific function to concrete. The infrastructure and repair structures segments are also expected to witness significant growth rates during the forecast period.

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Seeking Concrete Solutions To Labor Shortage In Construction

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The construction industry is booming. But as it oversees the building explosion across the U.S., the sector is also seeking solutions to its most vexing challenges. Among them are the industry’s labor shortage and the world’s growing need for natural-disaster-resistant materials.

In the current labor market, cited by many as among the tightest in a half-century, few fields have had a skilled and semi-skilled employee shortage like the building sector. The past decade has served up a double whammy. During the 2008-09 Great Recession, many skilled workers left the field for other occupations. Then the industry suffered a falloff in new hires when it rebounded in the downturn’s wake.

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Alejandro Aravena’s ‘primitive’ concrete home hides interiors of subtle luxury

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Led by Alejandro Aravena, elemental’s ‘primitive’ design for a home in Chile comprises three concrete volumes that over the years have weathered to match their rugged landscape. stacked against one another, the dramatic hilltop home offers a simple composition to match its guiding design ethos, the studio inspired to create a retreat suspending the conventions of life and going back to more essential living.

Its three volumes include one upright, which hosts the bedrooms and bathrooms; a horizontal volume hosting the main living space which can be opened up to the outdoors; and lastly, a skewed volume that acts as a chimney. the property instills tranquility whilst pairing things back to the fundamentals: its concrete walls are left exposed and in place of a formal fire place is simply a ‘place for fire’.

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Concrete pays off for house battered by Hurricane Michael


One house was left habitable along the shore of Mexico Beach, a community battered last week by Hurricane Michael, the strongest recorded storm to hit the Florida strip.

The owners of the “Sand Palace”, a gleaming holiday home reinforced with concrete and anchored on pilings sunk 40ft into the ground, said that they were relieved and a bit surprised that the hurricane hitting the coast with 155mph winds had spared them. According to Lebron Lackey, a cardiologist who co-owns the property, it was built last year to withstand 250mph winds, far exceeding the minimum requirement set by the state’s building codes.

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